Effects of Oxygen throughout the course of a glass of wine?

Probably a noob question, but is it normal to notice more fruit profile when the glass is freshly poured, and then give way to more secondary aromas when the glass is nearly empty? It seems this way to me, especially when using a larger Burgundy glass. The last few sniffs and sips seem to have much less fruit concentration.

grossly generalized, yes for me, especially with younger red wines

Young red wines may “shut down” with early air contact. Longer time, probably with a decant to help provide extra oxygen, usually softens them up. Moral of the story - don’t drink young wine, especially the bigger ones! :slight_smile:

Older red Burgs almost always develop MORE depth and fruit, especially with the extended slow-O approach (i.e. take a small initial taste for educational purposes and to enlarge the surface area a bit, and then give the bottle 4 - 6 hours (or more) to develop slowly without decanting. A bit shot of initial air (with a decant) often “blunts” a delicate older wine, and the slow-O preserves the elegance and precision better…imo).