eating in napa/with a twist

i really like to hit multiple restaurants each day. an app and a glass of wine at 4-6 different places lets me hit far more places than the usual lunch/dinner plan.
so, if i could pick and choose and have 1 dish at various places, where do i go and what do i eat? split a pasta at bottega? oysters at bouchon? oysters and pearls at the laundry (i wish), my wife loves the artichoke at rutherford grill, etc etc.

had the Smoked Sonoma Duck and Grilled “Laotian” Quail at Mustards last week

both were very good

a perfect recc tyler. i always hit that place and now have a reason. thanks

Lucky Pig at Solbar

At Bottega, get the Truffle-Parmiggiano Fries from the bar menu.

ZuZu on Main Street in Napa. They have great Tapas and a nice selection of wines by the glass to go with them.

+1 on Bill recommendation for Bottega, also their polenta

keep the recc’s coming folks. how about cook, terra, cindy’s, ad hoc, others in calistoga, any way to stop in meadowood for a quick bite?

Ad Hoc does not offer what you are after. They only have a single menu for the evening and it is all or nothing.

At Cindy’s when I was there last Fall, they had a broiled oyster appetizer that was pretty awesome.

[quote=“Bill Tex Landreth”

At Cindy’s when I was there last Fall, they had an awesome broiled oyster appetizer that was pretty awesome.[/quote]

yes, exactly what i’m after bill [cheers.gif]

the pork belly and foie gras app at bistro jeanty is also a winner

posted the following in travel section:

my hotel says the only taxis come from the city of napa so even getting from hotel to restaurant in the same town is $50!
is this auberge just making some coin off my transportation needs or is this really the deal?

They are probably quoting the Limo’s which charge a flat rate to go anywhere in the valley. Regular taxis are pretty scarce in Napa.

If you want to jump from restaurant to restaurant, and don’t have a DD, you should definitely consider just hiring a car for a few hours. We are in the country out here, A taxi can take a long while to get up-valley - if they are even willing to do so in the first place. Also, keep in mind that may of the places listed above are spread-out up and down the valley - so driving between would be your only option.

PM or call Carrie at NVWC - I know she has a relationship with a local car service.

sorry for the confusion. during the day we will jump around driving ourselves, but at night will hit one place for a light dinner and excessive liquid consumption [cheers.gif]

Lunch at Fremont Diner in Carneros!!

Ahh…almost true. If you sit at the bar at Ad Hoc you can order anything from that nights menu ala carte without having to participate in the whole menu.

As per Meadowood, they have a 4 or 6 seat bar that you can sit and dine at without a reservation. Highly recommended! My favorite restaurant in the valley followed by Redd.

Learn something new every day. Thanks.

that should be enough for 3 days
thanks all [cheers.gif]

Personally, I think Hurley’s is one of the most underrated restaurants in the valley . . . it’s worth a shot if you have time.

sounds great. i hope i can snag those seats at the bar at opening one night of my stay [drinkers.gif]