Eating and Drinking in Los Angeles

If a restaurant is going to add this type of surcharge I wish they all did what Matu in Beverly Hills does:

  1. State the policy clearly on the menu. In Matu’s case it states “An 18% Fee will be added to your bill. This is not a tip or gratuity and it is not for service rendered by our people. We are a no-tipping establishment. The Fee is revenue that is not segmented or designated in any way and it is taxed per state law.”

  2. Don’t give the guest a receipt with the option of a tip line.

  3. Servers refuse additional cash tips.

I love their policy and eat there frequently. I sometimes feel guilty as I would generally leave a slightly larger tip than 18%, but there is nothing I can do!

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I like this from the diner perspective but the reality is that the best servers will - and should - leave as they’re making less money under this arrangement.

I don’t know how you break this without outlawing it. Which likely won’t happen.

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This policy is prevalent across all restaurants in the sugar fish family.

Hiho, uevo, SF, kazu, nozawa bar.

I love it


Another fun meal at Yang’s today. Ordered the usual hits (fish dip, hash brown, and pancake). Added a set meal with yuzu miso steelhead.

I took a peek at the wine list and it has some things I might want to try next time

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Did takeout earlier this week, and I will say the food right now is probably as good as it’s ever been.

yeah I had lunch there Monday - did the salmon, cooked perfect medium rare.

super fun wine list.

Hit Baroo last night. Overall wonderful experience. I was worried the space given its location might not feel right but it does. The hospitality was outstanding. My wife does not eat meat and their website said absolutely no substitutions so we were planned to just roll with it. Yet they proactively had non-meat options for her as they know us from other restaurants. The food showed flashes of the original Baroo’s brilliance. The scallop dish with horseradish was outstanding. The fried eel was a tad to delicate for me but others at our table loved it. The Cod was great. Portion sizes are a bit too small. The wine list is small but I easily find something to drink a Clemens Busch riesling and a Pierre Girardin. I am so happy they are back and look forward to seeing the evolution.


Anyone know what time to show up at Quartersheets to get seated for Sunday lunch at Noon?

My wife and I went to Kinn last night. We thought it was good to very good, but not great. Similarly, I thought all the food was good to very good but almost nothing really impressed me, especially as I though the flavor was too subtle nearly across the board. The ambience didnt do anything for me either. The service - both the pacing and servers themselves - was really great.

2018 Ultramarine Heintz Rose paired absolutely wonderfully with pretty much the whole menu. Thanks for the people who recommended sparkling wine.

All this being said, we had a good time and Kinn is priced at a fraction of the other tasting menus I’m aware of in town.

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Had a great lunch today at Meteora. The brunch menu is like a combination of the dinner menu and Destroyer. The wine list has improved, ordered a bottle of Clemens Busch and did corkage for a red which they waived and Chef Jordan who was in Mexico sent out a couple of extra dishes. Would definitely go back; although, I can’t stand the music : )

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crapshoot since only 3-4 2 seat tables. but most people eat quickly and bounce, no one is eating a long lingering lunch there since the space is so tiny. Also plenty of standing tables outside

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they got actual glasses now which is nice

I love Quartersheet. Most of the other local pizza places I like got really iffy almost overnight. I want to give Secret Pizza a shot.

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Hit Momed in Atwater for lunch recently. Really liked the fatoush with grilled peach and a standout khachapuri. Added the duck shawarma, which made it more than enough for two people.

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I love the space. And with chef Vartan on board, the food is even better.

Only thing is I don’t see the chips on the menu anymore :sob: