Early Access Offer to New CellarTracker Drinkability Feature

We have an exclusive opportunity for the WB community to be one of the first people to access the newest CellarTracker feature. This latest feature provides you with insights on wines in your cellar that are worth your attention. This goes beyond the drinking windows to surface wines where nearly all of the bottles have been consumed by the community and wines that are seeing unexpected increases in their consumption rate (adjusted for seasonality). We also leverage AI to surface critical insights from recent tasting notes, so you can have a real-time understanding of how the wine is drinking.

Requirements to participate: (1) You must be a current CellarTracker subscriber, (2) you must have at least 200 bottles in your CellarTracker inventory, and (3) you must be willing to provide feedback on your experience.

If you’d like to sign up to try out this new feature, please provide your CellarTracker account email via this Google form by May 12.

Glad to answer any questions here.


This sounds very cool!!

Brilliant! I rely exclusively on other TN versus the drinking window data (probably because my wines are generally very young and very far away from end of their life).

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I think this, especially the trending data, is more valuable for cellars like yours than anyone else. Drinking windows are predictive and often very good, but knowing when wines are drinking well before that window is very useful (albeit the road to temptation.)

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I agree this sounds very cool. In addition to drinking windows, general tasting insights, would the AI be able to pick up on things like decanting times, sediment, bottle condition context (with enough data points)? Or utilize your likes/fans to highlight insights from tasters similar to you?

That could take the mountain of data to a whole new level of insight!

Baby steps. :slight_smile:

Right now, the AI is to summarize the general vibe of the notes to give a clue why those particular wines are being drank at a rate above par. That rate we extracted from the objective data.

All of those things you mention are things we’d like to do. I’ve played around a bit and we have some people on the team far smarter than me working on it. As fellow wine geeks, we have a pretty high bar we need to meet.

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I’m still in the process of populating my data over from my current Filemaker solution but I’m well over the requirements and so I signed up. I am very interested in this feature as the concept of using CT user data to better identify what to drink is one of the reasons I’m moving into CellarTracker in the first place. Many of my the wines I currently have in the collection have no professional reviews and so my current system provides no insight and I end up looking it up in CT anyway.

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I realize it’s early days still. Just dreaming big with you! :star_struck:

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Awesome! Welcome aboard. I don’t have the list on hand to know when you signed up. I know we filled up the initial tranche, but we will be rolling out in waves. Going out next week. The calculations are non-trivial, especially as cellar size goes up. (It literally looks at every bottle in your cellar to compare against the community.)

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Not at lot of posts here, but the list is nearly full. I was wrong above - we opened more slots due to volume of response. We close off tomorrow AM and the reports will be incoming early next week.

Thanks all! This is a project I am super stoked about and really looking forward to the feedback.

yikes, good thing I saw this thread…signed up

(yo, CT folks, ping me for special stuff like this! I rarely get to read much on Wine Talk and this sounds cool)


Sounds very cool! I’m signed up- thanks for the opportunity!

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Signed up and looking forward to checking this out! Do we get notified if we have access?


I signed up after changing my email address, which I forgot to change at the beginning of the year. Now if you could provide special advantages to people who use their real names so I have a greater chance of knowing who wrote a review so I can decide whether to rely on a particular note, all would be right with the world.


Right now, it is an email alert. We are still refining this and seeking feedback - hence the offer to WBers. Ideally, this will be inline on CT or on-demand, but we are still working that out. I am going to posted a couple of screenshots before.

I forgot to post this earlier. Here are a pair of sample screenshots (from my cellar) of the two aspects of the report. First are the wines where the community has consumed a very high percent of their stash. Second are where current consumption is above par.

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Signup appears to be closed…

We filled (over-filled) the slots. Thanks for all the sign ups! We will be sending these out early this week. Feedback here is fine (since we asked publicly) or directly to us.

These are going out. So anyone who signed up should get them in the next 24 hrs (they are staged.) We prefer feedback directly via reply to email as the team can consolidate it better. I do expect discussion here since we asked publicly and am glad to answer questions.

Thanks all for the awesome response - nearly 70 Berserkers! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Got my email a few minutes ago. I’ll make any substantive comments via email to the team, but I have a question: are the Personalized Ripe Reports based solely on member input, as summarized by AI, or are you (meaning CellarTracker) tweaking the data or algorithm? Member drinking ranges are all over the map.