Eagle Eye Wines

Hi everyone -

Wanted to pass along an experience from a recent wine tasting in FL with a very cool couple that owns Eagle Eye Wines in Napa.

Bill and Roxanne Wolf were on hand to present their wines and give a brief story about each and how they were made directly from their own AlphaWOLF ranch. Very generous with their tasting samples as well! One thing interesting about this winery is they release their wines already aged - for example we could a couple of wines that were 2012 and 2010 vintages - both awesome! Their Rosé was also a compelling and unique wine, something I didn’t expect from a Rosé. All in all we really took a liking to their Petit Verdot, the Meritage red and the Infatuation.

I ordered 6 bottles and was very impressed with the price point, their knowledge and charming presentation. We really enjoyed it ! Thank you Bill and Roxanne!


Website shows the Rosé at $27.50.

My mistake! Although I cannot recall exact prices, their 2 big boys(cab and Petit Verdot) were in 60-75$ range, the rest I mentioned I believe were ~30$.

I certainly have enjoyed plenty of cabs and other reds in the 60-75$ range that these wines stood up to very well IMO. What stood out to me was I am typically all cabernet all the time, but I enjoyed their Petit Verdot the most. They also release I believe twice a year their own extra virgin olive oil, which they seemed to take great pride in.


Another quick note on their Rosé - as stated something I have never seen before in a Rosé that made it quite unique. It was very dark in color and from my experience a bit more bold tasting than your typical Rosé. Not a huge fan of this style of wine but it was certainly different and I think for Rosé drinkers would find it refreshingly unique