"Each grape was fermented twice?"

Just got an email from Pahlmeyer with the latest offerings, and the note says:

“Each grape was hand-tended, harvested and fermented twice.”

Would anyone care to explain that one? For a still wine?



Alcoholic and Malolacitc would qualify.

and in miniature individual oak barrels, then blended grape by grape to get the absolute best wine.



Yes, I guess if they wanted to characterize malolactic as “fermented twice,” then I could see that. I’ve just can’t recall it referred to that way; instead, I’ve seen them specifically mention malolactic.


The “grapes” themselves are long gone by malo, no?

What about the 200% new oak?

Yes, that’s one reason why the phrase “each grape was fermented twice” seems a bit odd.


Maybe they had a stuck fermentation and had to re-ferment. Although that is not usually something you throw in a newsletter.

Sounds like another bit of marketing fluff written by someone who’s never been in a vineyard or winery, much less worked in either, and doesn’t actually have any idea what fermentation is.

Maybe they were shooting for vodka? newhere

Then again, it’s not like it’s a new concept or anything.

Primary = alcoholic
Secondary = malolactic


Primary = alcoholic
Secondary = malolactic


Fermentation or your post? neener

Nah! 400% new oak!. The wife unwittingly bought a bottle of a RP 98pt 400% new oak elixir years ago that we have yet to open.

Picture it: 3 new barrels in, the winemaker, consultant, property owner, perhaps a friend or two are tasting in the cellar. The all sniff, swirl, taste…finally, one has the courage to speak up:

“Well…it’s pretty oaky, but…”

I’m more concerned about each grape being handled by some unknown who possibly hadn’t washed their hands in awhile. I wonder if they stomped on 'em with their bare feet, too?

Reminds me of a tasting I was at with some friends, one of whom is French. When we were tasting a big, heavily-oaked Napa cab - the latter immediately exclaimed a word that sounded like “vould” (like the way a German pronounces the English “would”). Another looked surprised and asked “You think this is good?” The French fellow said “No! I said it tastes like vould!”

So Denis, did you read this one???