Dundee in April - where should I taste?

I am going to be in Dundee in late April with some friends. Any recommendations for shouldn’t-miss places to taste?

Thanks in advance.


You’re going to Scotland?

Oregon! [cheers.gif]

Just kidding, but you should think more in terms of McMinnville than Dundee if your tastes align with most on this forum. Right in Dundee, Le Cadeau would be my first recommendation. If you like white wines, maybe Four Graces.
You can taste a lot of different wines without driving around if you center on McMinnville. Same with Carlton. Otherwise, you need to plan a driving route.

What are your stylistic preferences?

Not sure how to answer that. Not big and high alcohol for sure. In the Dundee area I have liked Beaux Freres, Patricia Green, and Brick House. Not widely experienced, however. This is only my second visit.

Had a nice experience recently at Anam Cara. Tasted ~8 different vintages of Pinot, and a couple of Rieslings - all fantastic.

Withing a 10-15 minute drive, I’d suggest the following:

Agree with Mcminville rec…coupled with lunch at Valley Commissary. Goodfellow and Eyrie would both be at top of my list there.

Not too far from Dundee:
Arterberry Maresh (Fri/Sat/Sun afternoons only)
Domaine Divio
Domaine drouhin (not a ‘don’t miss’ place, but a reasonable visit if you don’t want to stray too far)

Crowley (farther-other side of newberg- particularly with traffic but these are excellent)
Since you’ve enjoyed BF- Sequitur and Hundred Suns might interest you.


Beaux Freres, Patricia Green, and Brickhouse are all in the same general area off North Valley Rd. That’s a compact group to visit, although you will need to check on their tasting schedules. Patricia Green may have their new tasting room open by then. Penner-Ash has a large tasting room right down the road, but I’d peg their style as bigger, more alcoholic and hearier on oak than PG or BH.

So, what is your itinerary? Are you in Dundee for the day or multiple days? Based on your inquiry it sounds like you want information on wineries/tasting rooms to visit in Dundee. I have enjoyed visits at the following in Dundee:

Arterberry Maresh - the red barn is only open Friday through Sunday (check seasonal hours and days), but per the website tasting reservations are available with Jim M. Monday through Thursday via an email request
Ayoub - tastings with Mo in his kitchen
White Rose
Domain Drouhin Oregon
Anderson Family

And there are several more in Dundee including Antica Terra’s barrel room in DTD.

As others have suggested Ribbon Ridge is a short ride from Dundee, so PGC, BH, BF, Ayers, Trisaetum and a few others would be a possibility as well.

There are plenty of previous threads regarding tastings and visits in the Willamette Valley. Traveling between the AVA’s within a day can be a little bit of a stretch. Therefore, I left my recommendations to Dundee and the Ribbon Ridge. If time isn’t an issue, I would suggest a day in the Eola Amity AVA (Vincent, Walter Scott, Cristom, Hundred Suns, Bethel Heights, Evesham Wood, Franny Beck, IOTA, Paetra, etc.) and a day in McMinnville (Goodfellow, Biggio Hamina, Eyrie, Brittan, Westrey, Elizabeth Chambers, etc.). Many others within a short drive from Dundee as well in Carlton, Gaston, Newberg, etc.


+1 on Le Cadeau

Belle Pente and Shea aren’t far from where BF and PGC are, but not sure if they routinely take visitors.

Goodfellow, Every wine in his lineup is just yum.

Walter Scott, Vincent, Partrica Green and Heater Allen Brewing (right next to Ayrie and Goodfellow)

I wish had time to taste at Kelly Fox last trip.

For me Arterberry Maresh is good but too extracted. I think their chard is better than their pinot.

Drouhin was a totally let down… (Meh)

BTW: Walter Scott Chard’s will all be sold out by then, order now and thank me later…


I’ll second Four Graces - even though they got bought by Foley Family, but I still very appreciate their wines (both white and red)

I had a Four Graces Pinot Gris that knocked my socks off for $15.

Hey Bill!

I’m gonna be there April 12-16! my wife and I are tasting at Eyrie, Walter Scott, and Kelley Fox on the 13th, then Patty green on the 15th.

Hey Bill,

You could just work your way up Worden Hill Road in Dundee and taste a lot of great wines! Winderlea, Cameron (get an appointment with John Paul), Domaine Roy, Arterberry Maresh at the Red Barn, the new, beautiful tasting room at Furioso . And on Warren Road just off Worden Hill, get an appointment with Natalie at the Dusky Goose tasting room- I think that you will enjoy it. (Full disclosure- I designed that building).

I would suggest Ayoub.

I believe Herman Weimer is in Dundee. At least, his mailing address is, but it’s close enough.


We’ll miss you by a little. We are going later in April. Have a great time!


Thanks for the recommendations everyone. I will run them past the rest of my group. Love this community!