Dujac Security - Prooftag

Took possession of my 2014 Domaine Dujac CdlR and CSD today. All the bottles have a tamper-proof security tag attached across the capsules called a Prooftag. It includes a QR code and a BubbleTag along with a unique alpha-numeric code. Very cool. You download the I-Proof app and scan it. It immediately takes you to an authentication page where you match the bubble pattern. Once authenticated the app includes bottle information, background on Domaine Dujac and a link to their website. I think these things have been around a few years but this was the first time I have ever seen one. At first I scanned it with a generic QR scanner app. That gave me a weblink to the authentication site. The I-Proof app makes it a one step process. Great technology. I would love to see these on all high value bottles leaving the winery. It would also be great if this technology could be expanded to document chain of custody.

very cool - is this the same as Roumier uses?

Not just high value. They’re on the village wines too. Nifty feature, although I’d rather see the tech for temperature dots get better. Storage history gives me more anxiety than authenticity.

Agree. I have yet to see anything on the temperature front that seems to work. Did Ponsot give up on the dots?

This and temp dots are he way of the future. Imagine sending back corked wines direct through the app after 10yrs and having it shipped to you

this is especially useful for late release bottles as it absolutely verifies provenance

Totally awesome - except after a few years in humidity they peel off…

Ponsot was the first to use them, and the first to stop.

The scary realization is that they are going to be used to “verify” counterfeits in the future.


The temperature dots don’t always work. Alan Weinberg put a bottle in the oven just to see and nothing happened.

Ponsot developed “intelligent cases” in 2013 (This is from their website)

From the 2011 vintage, all Domaine Ponsot Grand Cru cases are fitted with brand-new temperature control technology. Developed by eProvenance, high-tech sensors can now record the history of each case without needing to open it. Using an NFC-enabled smartphone, you can access the temperature data of each “Intelligent Case” from Domaine Ponsot.

The Ponsot i-Case app provides you with information on the temperature conditions the cases were subjected to on their journey from the Domaine to you.

Simply download the app to your Android NFC-enabled smartphone from Google Play to see graphs displaying the temperature conditions.

You will also get the eProvenance score for each case of wine.
The eProvenance system calculates the impact of temperature conditions on wine quality and provides a score that reflects any deterioration.

The sensors have a 15-year lifespan!

The proof tags were there on the 13s also.

You guys taking all the fun out of this. [cheers.gif]

Been on Lafleur since 06 IIRC.

I did the same thing years ago, put it in the oven and raised it and raised it. I visited Laurent a few years ago and told him the story. He was very cool and embarrassed about it, he had been paying a different label maker for it and they had screwed him. I don’t recall the year he changed label producers, but the dots do work now. He also had his own molds made for his bottles so they say ‘ponsot’ on the base, proof tags, using a currency producer for the labels, the tracker on his cases pings him with the info so he knows where in the world the case has gone. All of which are great, but I’m still not sold on the corks he developed.


So you shouldn’t take it to your mistress’s?

Most people agree. And provenance is counterfeited to substantiate counterfeits! so you cant separate the two.
Ban me- but I have to share! We address authenticity & provenance, using a totally different approach.


Not sure I get it - are you saying you’ve got a method for assessing the temperatures a bottle has been stored at throughout its life?

The 2014 Morey-St.-Denis negoce bottling does not have these. The domaine bottling does. Maybe that’s why it was $9 more per bottle [welldone.gif]