Duck confit question

So I read this recipe for a “modified Duck Confit” in the Times. Seems an easy enough version.

Then this morning a thought came to me. Could I cook the legs in a slow cooker for a couple of hours first and then finish them in the oven? I figured this might be a great way to render the fat, braise the meat and not have to be tending to a pan (or two) all the time.

Any thoughts?


Use the slow cooker and skip the oven altogether.
Simple, easy, outstanding results.


What about color? Will the skin still get crispy in the slow cooker? Ideally, I’d like some texture and color on it.


No, the skin will not be crispy. But remember, making confit evolved as a method of preservation, not cooking. When ready to serve, remove the confit from the fat and crisp on the grill, in a skillet, under a broiler, or in the oven. Et voilá.

Bon appetit,

what Bob said…the skin of duck confit is not crisp.
to crisp, you place the confit in a hot saute pan or under the broiler.

What Robert and Suzanne said. Save the duck fat and reuse it. Just refrigerate the contents of the slow cooker and separte the duck fat from the gelatin. It will keep a LONG time in the frig or freezer.

and don’t forget. If you’re ever at a nice dinner and some idiot starts to claim there is no god- ask him how then he explains the magic of confit- duck poached in duck fat. it’s a miracle, and its not even Festivus.

Yeah John has that right.

Justin Wells did a different prep, many hours of sous vide instead of confit. Then crisp in a pan just before service. A lot lighter than confit and similarly delicious. I do love it in the fat as well. Truly a culinary miracle.