Du Tertre 2000

Have not had this wine in many years, but opened as part of Christmas eve dinner, with Pernil (pork) etc. Loved the wine out of barrel, but really shocked how impressively it has developed. Still youthful, with a mixture of dark and red fruit, licorice and spices. A touch of oak still showing, but just the slightest smidgeon, that added complexity without taking over. Very plush and relatively full bodied in the mouth but long and with a fine finish. 94+

Glad you enjoyed it.

I had two of these back in February 2016. The first didn’t show much, but the second had a 24-hour decant and gave savory dark fruit with a touch of figginess, in a good way. I’ll probably wait three or four years for the next one.

Did you decant?

I just opened a magnum of the 96 for Xmas dinner and enjoyed it very much. Decanted and drunk over 2&1/2 hours. It kept getting better too.