Driving From Walla Walla to Portland

Going to Cayuse Weekend next week from Seattle and returning by car to Portland. What should we do along the way. Places to eat, taste, etc. Day tripping.

Bonneville Dam, Mt Hood, and the falls.


Hood River - Pfriem Brewing, Double Mountain Brewing (pizza), Sailboarding & Kiteboarding
Bridge of the Gods
Multnomah Falls
Vista House

In the Fall the Fruit Loop behind Hood River up over Mt. Hood is full of great stops for fresh cherries, peaches, plums, … This time of year its preserves.

There is an event on April 7 at Bonneville Dam. You can also stop and see the other dams closer to Walla Walla. John Day & The Dalles.


keep driving

At Hood River consider the bridge N to WA-14. While it makes the drive longer it’s a more scenic look at The Columbia River and there are some terrific wineries to stop at.

Additionally if you take 14 you’ll almost entirely bypass the speed trap called Umatilla.

If you decide to do this, do not pass up an opportunity to hit White Salmon Baking Company:

We are going the opposite direction from WW towards Portland so this sounds great but only if you are going east. Right? We would be heading south towards Pendleton. Looks like the first place to cross over to 14 would be Biggs Junction. Or continue on to The Dalles and then across to 14 and to White Salmon. Make sense?

This route does just as well E > W. Take WA 14 to White Salmon and then whenever you’re done cross the bridge to Hood River.

Thanks Glenn. Any winery recos along the way? Thinking of Maryhill mainly because of the view.

Syncline, off the old Hwy 8 loop near Lyle.

Know a good spot for lunch in Hood River? Tried Celilo but not open for lunch on Mondays.

If you enjoy beer pFriem Family is always the stop.



Memaloose, if you are of the AWFE persuasion. You will be going right through Lyle anyway. Syncline is worth the quick detour.
Maryhill does have an outstanding view, but less than impressive wines for the most part.