Driver in Piedmont

I will be going to Piedmont in November and don’t want to drive.Does anyone know of a driver I could hire to go from Milan and back a week later and also one to drive around Piedmont to restaurants and wineries?

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This is someone who would need to be available to you 24/7? But not a guide, just a driver?

Mauro Giacosa - not sure about the Milan to Piemonte part but used him over 3 days in fall 2015. His drivers and cars were great. Got him via recommendation from another board member.

ken, It would probably just be a driver as I plan to book my own restaurants and winery visits.I do not know about 24/7 as it is only part of each day.

Richard, would you be open to the possibility that this person becomes a lifelong friend after the trip, or are you going into it with the expectation that this person is purely “just a driver”?

You can try

Richardritter - in another post you shared Daniela’s info and we just finished our trip with her. We had a great time. I had already scheduled the winery visits I wanted to see and Daniela fiiled in the rest. Since it was our first time in the Langhe she made sure we made the most of our time sightseeing in between visits and learning the local area.

We would highly recommend her and it was great having someone drive during the day. For anyone planning a trip you can reach her at Daniela Maracine( She’s extremely responsive and goes out of her way to make sure you have a great time.

Bookmark for future reference. Thanks!

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Did they let you split tastings?

Hi Tom- we didn’t ask or try.
Alessandria, Rinaldi, Vietti, Grasso paired us with another couple or more so they might have.

CDM, Cavallotto was just us so not sure they would. All were very responsive vial email so best to ask ahead of visiting.

Only Vietti and Cavalloto charged for them.

I love this board. Have never gone to Piedmont and won’t be going this year (we will be going to Rome and Florence this fall). But, I would love to go sometime, and this thread is perfect. Thank you guys so much.

Now, I just need a driver in the MSR so I can go there.

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May I recommend this very good driver, with whom we had a bunch of very good experiences during our recent time in Piemonte (including our ride from Malpensa to the Castello di Sinio and then from there on to Portovenere): Rosario Martelli, +39 333 6312040

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