Drip coffee maker recs: Technivorm, zojirushi, bonavita, others?

I searched and there are a couple old threads on this, but nothing recent, so here goes…

First off, let me put it out there that I prefer to make my coffee one of two ways: a fairly cheap but eminently functional Saeco Aroma espresso machine, or a stovetop Yama vaccum siphon coffee maker. Trouble is, both of these take “too long” in the morning according to the Mrs., and she has requested a drip machine for our upcoming anniversary. I have done some research and come across a few options. I am tempted by the Technivorm, but this is a lot of money, and it can’t even be programmed to brew in the morning, which, silly as it seems to let ground beans loss flavor overnight, is what my wife wants. Newco has gotten good remarks but is not much cheaper than Technivorm anymore. My friend has a Zojirushi and loves it, but I’ve heard complaints that since the water line runs through the reservoir, it cools down too much once it enters the brew head. Bonavita is another option I see out there, but I don’t know much about it.

What say you coffee geeks? (Note: suggestions other than a drip machine that you plug into the wall will not help my cause)


My newco just died after about 3 years. I ordered a bonavita and then my wife told me she wants a single cup coffee maker. So I bought a keurig V700 yesterday but haven’t tried it yet. It has good reviews based on its ability to heat to 197 degrees but we will see.

Technivorm is all I use now. One at both places. The water is perfect temp. Simple design. Excellent cup that I many times prefer even to French Press.

We use for espresso, cappucinos, and lattes - a Simonelli Oscar machine. It makes both single and double espressos etal.

I’ve had two insulated carafe drip machines. The first was a capresso but when the expensive carafe broke I bought a zoji. It makes ok coffee but is a tall machine.

Interested reader as my old Krups drip is dying.

Fortunately, my Krups machine, which is probably about 20 years old, is still brewing an excellent cup of coffee. It’s the one that has regular coffee on one side and an espresso maker on the other (which I rarely make use of). I may be in trouble when it dies because its low height allows me to keep it on the counter below the cabinet and be able to fill it without pulling it out. All the current models I’ve seen in the stores and online are much taller.

I love everything about my Technivorm other than the pouring lip on the insulated crafe in my model. Can be hard to hit only the inside of the cup unless you’re focused on it

I’ve got a Technivorm and I’m really happy with it. I enjoy the coffee much more than our old high end Krupps. It is a tall machine. I have to slide it out from under the counter to pour the water in, but that isn’t such a big deal for me.


I have the Bonavita, and it pushes water at 200 degrees and is a reasonable price. I don’t use it that often these days since I bought a Rocket Cellini espresso machine though.

The info in the old threads is accurate. Technivorm owner here.

Another satisfied Technivorm owner. My wife roasts beans weekly.

We bought a Technivorm, based on previous coffee maker threads. Best drip coffee maker we’ve ever owned.

Just got a BraZen (same producer as the Behmor roaster). Using the Aeropress for the past 3 years, and quite happily.

Very nice unit for $200, but the pot is not designed very well and does drip a bit as you pour into the cup. I suspect v. 2 will have a better carafe and that there will be a work-around in short order (or a better designed carafe for the aftermarket).

Variable brew temps (up to 205 degrees), altitude adjustment (water boils at a lower temp at higher elevations, so TomHill could actually get a 200 degree brew!), programmable pause for up to a couple of minutes during initial brewing so the bloom that freshly roasted beans undergo (like a beer overflowing) is mitigated, 8-cup max, retains a drinking temp for a good solid hour, and $100 less than a Technivorm!

Very happy Bonavita owner here - it’s maybe a touch behind what I can produce with a press pot, but with 70% less work/clean-up.

Definite plus one on the Technivorm…excellent machine.

Marshall [cheers.gif]

Thanks everyone for the overwhelming response. Based on a simple straw poll, the Technivorm would seem to be the winner. I am, however, intrigued by the Brazen, which I had never heard of before Stu mentioned it. Seems maybe a bit of overkill to allow the user to adjust the brewing temperature in 1° increments, but since I’m a scientist by trade, I love the idea of being able to play around with different variables such as brewing temp and presoak time. The Brazen also has a timer, which the Technivorm does not, and is $100 less, so I think [winner.gif]

Scott-if you do go with a BraZen, check with Roastmasters.com, as they have free shipping and toss in a lb. of coffee, whole bean or pre-ground…and a free T-shirt!

This is exactly what I did. Eagerly anticipating its arrival…

Would be curious to hear about your experiences with brew temp and presoak time. I’m sure there’s no “one size fits all” and it depends on the type of bean, roast, grind, etc, but if you’ve found a personal sweet spot, this would be a good place for me to start.


Scott- These are brand spankin’ new brewers, the first pallet just off the boat. So my experience is still quite limited. There are several thorough reviews here…http://coffeegeek.com/forums/coffee/machines/577567?LastView=1349474494&Page=52

Note that Joe Behm (the creator of the BraZen and the Behmor) posts there quite a bit under the moniker TahoeJoe.