Drinking window by bottle type

Curious what people think of the chart below. I get the whole “less oxygen per volume of wine” argument that larger bottles should age better/slower, but I find it a little silly that the drinking window would have closed on a 750 but not even be open yet on a double mag on the same wine.

I don’t see what you’re seeing; none of those 750mL windows are open yet.

What I see is that the 750 windows will close before the double mags even open.

I’m not looking for people’s opinions on these specific windows for these wines, or really drinking windows period (I’m sure there are people around here who would have separate, non-overlapping drinking windows for the same damn wine). I’m just curious if people really think bottle format is THAT important.

Ah-ha. Now I get your question.

I think my answer to your question is, “Yes.”

The stated windows are all merely 5 years in length. Those windows are meant to represent the wine’s Prime Window, so to speak. You’ll see the magnum window opens as the 750 window closes, and the double mag window opens as the mag window closes, and …

These windows do make me wonder, however: If wine ages more slowly the bigger the format, then wouldn’t the Prime Windows on the larger formats be “open” for longer than are the Prime Windows for the 750s? To the extent I find a 10 year lag on the double magnum unreasonable, it’s because I’d actually have an even greater lag time.

Absurdly narrow windows for a cab.

Also, since when is Jordan a wine to be drunk at 15-20 years (from 750s)?

I’ve had Jordans of that age in fine shape, although a recent 30+ year old example was over the hill (750, if you’re curious). However, AGAIN, the question isn’t ‘Do you agree with these windows for this wine” it’s “do you agree, generally, with this type of relative window dispersion based upon bottle format”

Looks like they just added 5 years for each size doubling. Just add 5! Did they consult Buzzini?

No- in general I find the reverse for 3L and 6L. I don’t know about Jordan specifically, but in most large formats of Bordeaux ( 3L,4.5,5.and 6L ) I’ve found the maturation curve much steeper .( allowing consumption sooner than I’d expected ) .After about 20-25 years everything but magnums are in drinkable windows, although some may need a longer decant.

Its a good question. But that chart looks like something that was just made up.

To be conservative, I add quarter or a third more time for a magnums. Had herd somewhere that 50% more time was the rule of thumb but I back off that. Would be glad to hear additional information.

Interesting on the larger formats, I’ve come across mixed info on larger formats lasting longer. Do have an interest, a couple of 3L birth year wines (not mine) that are comming up on 25 years