Drier Than a Dead Dingo’s Donger

2007 Trimbach Cuvee Frederic Emile

And that’s dry…
The nose is citrus, chalk, nascent honey and petrol notes and the impression of a kaleidoscope of fruit in reserve. On the palate there is a weight of dry extract with the fruit a mere promise at this stage, and then the acid and the ‘big dry’ kicks in extending the finish. This is still on the austere side now but, for my tastes, will be a superb vintage for CFE.
Interestingly the citrus on the nose presents not as a burg citrus but as riesling citrus. Don’t know why exactly but it just does.

What about the wood component of either?

I think I would defer to the view of Hugh Johnson

I had this a few weeks back. It might be my favorite young CFE.

have you tried 08? I think it’s better. Hedged bet and own both.

Craig - I agree, this is so impressive if you are a fan of high acid whites.

Alan - not yet but thanks and will pursue. Trifecta with the 2010?

will search out that 2010.

Even, drier than than a popcorn fart?
Love this wine.

Trifecta if you ignore the existence of the richer 2009.

That’s dry.

Why is a dingo’s donger so much drier than anyone else’s?

“A dingo ate my baby”

Dongo there.

Probably something to do with it being withered and dessicated by desert winds

I think we need the board’s resident Urologist to explain, Mark. Paging Dr Weinberg.

Given Alan’s penchant for European wines, perhaps he could be a Eurologist?

I think you need a veterinarian (or coroner) but I’m willing to be a Eurologist! Send me some Coche and I’ll start researching.