Dream Fridge Contents

So … what do you stock up on pre-harvest?

Here’s the Facebook list so far:

Beer, chips & salsa, beer, burger fixins and more beer
Scott Klann, Twisted Oak, Calaveras County, CA

Pecan pie, pork chops, wine
Bob Bell, Vancouver, BC

Vitamin water, jerky, big hunks of cheese and beer. You know what they say about making wine and beer.
Patrick Carrico, Medford, OR

Lots of bubbles, pretzels (honey whole wheat from TJs), bananas, nuts, diet red bull, sandwiches and pretty much anything I can eat while driving forklift…beer is soo overrated. yep, i said it!
Derby Wine Estates, Paso Robles

It can get cool quickly here, especially for the night shift, so fridge: good cheeses, and a crock pot filled with hearty soups, stews and chili.
Firesteed Cellars, Willamette Valley, OR

A perpetual giant casserole of real macaroni and cheese made with cream and full of chunks of feta, sharp cheddar and whatever other cheese sounds good – baked with a crust on top. Some italian sausage and fresh spinach in there too maybe. Butter lettuce salad with sugar snap peas, chevre, pine nuts and raw grated beets. Beer. MEXICAN FOOD! A little plate of grilled scallops, garlic thyme sauteed summer squash and quinoa ready to be microwaved and consumed with a glass of rose’. Mashed potatoes – again, real ones made with cream, and more beer. Real Dim Sum like you can’t get around here. Sheesh, I can’t stop! Forget about dried snacks – its gotta be fresh real food.
Glenna Thompson, Paso Robles, CA

Bear Republic Racer 5.
John Holdredge, Napa, CA

Bread, beer, cheese, coffee, meat and hope.
Brian Morrison, London and France

Beer, beer and more ice cold beer (locally brewed, of course!)
Amy Lillard, France

What do I stock up on pre-harvest? In order not to have to go into town (which I usually have little time to do), I stock up on soap. toilet paper, tootpaste, shampoo, etc. all of my necessities. I already have at least 2 months of these. That way, if a boat load of grapes come in, and the grape pirates take charge, I will be clean and stink-free.

Oh yeah, and food and beer. flirtysmile

I worked for one winery that demanded a different cellar rat bring a “Unit” every day
of harvest.

-12 Pack cheap beer
-Pack of Smokes
-Bag of Ice

That was the single most important part of the day, showing up with The Unit.

Kegerator and the makings for soft tacos.
They deliver pizza.
Best, Jim

Yuck. [bleh.gif]

Ya…absolutely NO winemakers in Paso smoke…


I’m figuring that I’ll spend late September and early October making sure that my winery customers have beer…

Diet coke. Lots and lots of Diet Coke. Not really different than any other time of year.

Tapatio…drank a fare amount of beer during harvest also but since ive given that up…vodka it is. Espresso (or a coffeemaker that does it automatically), virtually anything Mexican food related always seemed to work well also.