DRC oak regime?

Can someone tell me what percentage new oak is used in which DRC wines?

Oak regime? Is this a lead in for Godwin’s law?
On the serious side I have no idea. Always presumed 100% new oak.

My understanding it is 100% new for everything except cuvée Duvault-Blochet and possibly Corton, light to medium toasted four-year air dried Tronçais and Betranges, mostly Francois Freres.

Usually 100% for the GCs … but depending on the vintage … in lighter years it may be less …
also less for the 1er Cru …


And the burgundy mystery deepens…

Calling Mel Knox . . .

100% new and nearly all Francois Freres.

I have not been to the domaine for several years, but traditionally Jean Francois bought wood three years in advance for them. I understand that they now use some four year wood as well. The last time I went I would say it was 98% FF with some Seguin Moreau and Taransaud on view as well.

On one hand that is interesting, on the other hand I don’t care because I’ll never drink one.

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I’ve noticed some Vicard Generation 7 barrels popping up on social media, Instagram #domainedelaromaneeconti

Many people follow with passion the love affairs of Rihanna or Beyoncé but the probability that they will marry one of them is extremely tiny.

An astute point. The odds of drinking DRC are probably higher than drinking with a top celebrity. Always a chance to come across someone with generosity or access. I have a former somm in LA to thank for my only taste of DRC, who snuck me just about an ounce of 2000 La Tache.

The virtue of having worked for the supplier of barrels to DRC for 37 years is that I get to raid Jean Francois’ cellar…I was hoping for a pay check but you can’t have everything.

The last time I bought a bottle of Romanee Conti…$22.50…I had to fight a dinosaur for the last bottle.

Let’s face it: the other grand crus are catching up with DRC pricing.

Too true.

So DRC is 100% new all day every day and that’s cool, but if anyone else admits to same, the line of folks wielding pitchforks and torches ready to chastise the “lumber witch” is a mile long.

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Come on, Jon, you know very well it’s not the fact that it’s 100% new oak, but how that oaks shows in the final wine. The pitchfork wielders come out only when that oak is super evident in the wine. I have a sneaking suspicion that DRC might know a thing or two about managing that oak. Just maybe.

I was just there barrel tasting all the 2016s. I did not notice a single used barrel.

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How would we know? Most of the DRC in the market is probably fake!

Honestly someone told me that the Montrachet and Batard are the only wines that aren’t 100% new oak, and I’m trying to confirm whether that is, in fact, the case.


I don’t believe Jon is blowing anything out of proportion at this point. There are multiple instances where people take offense at new Oak with wines, even if it is shown that the proportion is relatively small.

I totally agree with you that it’s not the percentage of new Oak but how well it is integrated. And much of that has to do with the toasting of the barrels themselves, the makeup of the fruit itself, and how long the wine sees in Oak.

But again, I don’t think he’s out of line whatsoever.

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