DRC Allocations 2021

It’s that time of the year again. UK release of DRC was last week and that means all the stats and tasting notes are out.

We know it’s not destined to be a great vintage and to make thing worse for the consumer, yields are absolutely nothing. Under 600 cases of LT. 100 cases of Monty. And similarly low numbers across the board. The only “bright” spot is that RC yield was pretty average at 500 cases. (I’m wondering if this isn’t because they have installed some very expensive technology in that vineyard that was able to ward off the frost.) Domaine prices are up another 10% this year.

It’s going to be an absolute bloodbath with allocations. I imagine WD will pad the allocations with some library releases, but these are rarely the vintages that you actually want. The last couple of years it’s been mostly 2017 and some 2018. Probably a lot more 2018s this year.

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… also magnums of unreleased 2016s (bottled only in magnum).

they used candles for the frost apparently. i don’t know how expensive they were.

They used bougies but weren’t happy with the results apparently. They are also concerned about sustainability issues hence I believe they’ve decided not to use them in the future.

UK allocations from their agent are down 50-60%. Nothing in six packs and many wines now in single OWCs.

Luckily 2022 will be much more plentiful and, if early reports are anything to go by, of extraordinary quality

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We know it’s not destined to be a great vintage

Alexandre Bernier, who has been in charge of the cellar/winemaking since 2018, says 2021 is his favorite vintage of those that he has overseen so far.


woo! plentiful! so price will go down!

oh no…extraordinary quality… price will go up


Yeah but is it your favorite vintage? :joy: That would mean a lot more to me than the guy who is selling the wine. :grin:

I can also see that it would be super enjoyable right now. All the 21s I’ve had have been charming and approachable. But destined to be all time greats? Not sure.

Given the volumes and the demand, if I were them, I would be working on my anti-marketing strategy rather than pumping up the vintage, so I think it’s sincere. I would certainly rather drink their 2021s than their 2018s, for example, and I was unprepared for how good the wines were. You have the aromas and flavors of yesteryear, but presented with a sensuality refinement to the tannins that are very contemporary. They’re also a lot more concentrated than most 2021s that I’ve tasted.


i heard a version of this comment from 2 of this week’s attendees in NYC.

is there a description you might provide that elucidates this a bit?

Lots of peony/rose, coniferous forest floor, blood orange, exotic spices… and all in a very classically-proportioned, less full-bodied format with comparatively moderate alcohol.


well that sounds wonderful. thank you.

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Release price for some of the wines in Europe are Grands Echezeaux 2021 $1100 and RSV $1500. Some naughty people are making a good deal of money in the secondary market.

Prices for wines from this Domaine only go one way.

Back up the truck! lol