dp mags/price question

are current release dp mags really $500+???
i need a couple as wedding gifts thinking they’d be around $300 or so.
is this really possible when 750’s are well under $150?

Few wines (at least that one would want to drink) sell magnums for less than 2x the 750 price; more commonly there’s a markup.

not looking to pay less than the $125(x2) i can get a 750 for.
and unfortunately, as a magnum lover, i’m painfully aware that it’s not just 750 x 2 for mags.

a source for reasonably priced mags would be great, thanks

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dom perignon

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Prestige Champagne magnum prices are just absurd right now. Although I’ve found a couple deals at auction here and there. But they are slim pickings. You really have to want it – and be willing to pay for it.

thanks tom
i knew there had to be a legit answer out there somewhere…

i don’t have time for an auction and i think i’ll just pick up some dp rose 750’s as gifts and be done with it

For what it’s worth, the 2004 DP Brut is drinking very well, currently, and would make a fine gift, I think.

thanks nowell
i wish i could get away with only spending that on wedding gifts!

There has always been something of a premium on Dom mags (and those of other tete de cuvees.)

Right now, considering prices in my own market plus a quick look at winesearcher, it appears the premium upcharge on Dom magnums in 2006 is about 60%- so basically the cost of 3 bottles plus a little extra.

It has been a long time since I bought Dom magnums, and I was not using CT then- so this is off the top of my head, but I believe the premium in the past was closer to 30%.

Whatever it was before, it has clearly gone up.

Ha! Last week I found a magnum of 90 DP in a dark corner of the cellar–when did I buy that?

Have you looked on Wine Searcher and selected magnums?

i don’t have the pro version any longer and don’t see that option on generic w-s

Mark, I did a search using the Pro version and found a FEW in different vintages. The cheapest, an 03`, was $300 and most were $400 and more.

blake, thanks for the effort
truly appreciated

guess i’ll renew the pro version!

Not sure about the Dom but for the 06 CDC Rose, the premium is about 20%.

LVMH does a great job of marketing, setting prices, and controlling the market. That’s all you need to know about DP magnum pricing.

That doesn’t tell me a heck of a lot.

DP competes with other Champagnes (true, some also owned by LMVH), although of course people have their preferences and it’s one of the most famous names in Champagne.

Further, DP magnums compete with DP 750s. It’s essentially the same product in the bottle, so what you’re getting with a Magnum is simply 2 750s plus a bigger “fun size” bottle. That has some costs for production, but beyond that the price is drive by what consumers are willing to pay. And why are consumers willing to pay more than a 50% premium for a big bottle of DP (and perhaps other tete de cuvees) whereas the spread on magnums of other wines are much more modest vs. 2x750?

For the longest time, the largest format to be aged was magnum. So it is a lot more labor intensive to produce. The magnums are definitely fresher and more complex.