Downstream Final Offer

Final Downstream offer came today. I’ve loved the story and these wines so will likely be ordering what I can. Closing the chapter! Farewell Downstream

Final Offering

A Tribute To Philippe

Greetings friends and family of the Downstream project,

I hope you are all well and enjoying these last days of summertime.

With the passing of our dear friend and partner Philippe Cambie, Downstream has concluded production. It was a shooting star, or more like a streaking comet, lasting a mere 4 vintages but what a run it was. Four incredible wines that only this partnership could have created. We are truly blessed to have spent our time in the sun with such an amazing talent.

We have a few bottles and some original wood box sets that were set aside in our library. Instead of storing them in the dark, we believe a better way to honor our friend is by sharing these wines in the hope you may enjoy more of the brilliance he left behind. It’s not much and will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis on Tuesday, August 29th. This will be our last offering—a final farewell.

Sasha and I had a chance to pop all four vintages side-by-side the other night and they were all showing beautifully. The 2016 has lost most of its baby fat and has really fleshed out, becoming more of a polished powerhouse than the rambunctious heathen it used to be. The 2017 struck me as showing better now than it ever has, which really gives credence to the idea that these wines are all going to age gracefully for a long while. The 2018 is just as amazing as it has always been, just a gorgeous ‘Paso-neuf-du-Pape’. But the 2019? Mic drop—just glorious, an absolute legend, just like Philippe!

Before we go, we wanted to take this opportunity to express our deepest gratitude for being a part of this memorable journey.

So with that, Sasha and I are signing off from Downstream. Saxum will continue making rockstar wines and Sasha will have some exciting announcements soon.

Take care,
Justin Smith (and Sasha Verhage)

Offer Details

  • The offer will open at 9 AM Pacific Time on Tuesday, August 29th .
  • The wines will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • The offer will include a limited number of single bottles, magnums, and complete wood box sets of the 2016-2019 vintages.
  • This offer will be the last and final offer from DownstreamWines.

Saw the same thing, and this is my first (and last) allocation. Not knowing the price point up until this offer, I was surprised and am going to pass. Oh well. I just can’t hack $200/bottle. This has been discussed in a thread dedicated to Downstream wines, FWIW.

Bummer that this won’t be continued but it certainly make sense. Congrats to @Sasha_Verhage and the rest of the team (RIP Philippe) and looking forward to what Sasha has going on moving forward (Lirac perhaps?)


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