Dorsoduro in Venice?

We are going to the Biennale for 5-6 nights in September and are considering staying in the Dorsoduro (at the Centurion Palace). We’ve stayed closer to St Marks on prior trips and are unsure whether to stay in the Dorsoduro. If not there, where?

Greetings Mark. Friends of mine have stayed in the Hilton Molino Stucky on the island of Giudecca and enjoyed it immensely. However, one needs to take a boat to get into Venice proper, which may be an inconvenience. There were some service issues when it opened, but my friends encountered none of it. The Dorsoduro has always been my sestieri of choice, as it is less traveled and more tranquil than the area in and around San Marco. If you decide on Dorsoduro, consider the 'ca Pisani hotel, which I absolutely love. Also in Dorsoduro is the Palazzo Stern, which friends raved about but I have not been. And of course, in the Dorsoduro is the Pensione Accademia, a favorite haunt of the well-traveled. There is nowhere in Venice proper where your feet cannot take you. A leisurely walk from Dorsoduro to Piazza San Marco, for example, will take 20 minutes if that at all. I’m in France now, and won’t be checking this board with any frequency. I’ll be happy to provide any info you may require when I return in early May.

Very interesting. I never would have considered staying in Giudecca but we have a million Hilton points so this stay would be nearly free. The downside is that Venice is a walking city like no other and you can’t walk to the rest of the city from there. If the shuttle service is reliable and runs 24 hours maybe this would work

Thanks, Peter! The 'Ca Pisani is another hotel we are considering. It is much less expensive, but the Centurion room fronts the Grand Canal, so we are trying to decide between the two. Also considering the Londra Palace because I’m Relais & Chateaux 5C. Decisions, decisions.

Stayed in Dorsoduro 3x. Last 2 at the Pensionne Accademia Villa Marvege. 27 rooms near the Grand Canal. Short walk to St. Marks Square. Beautiful gardens where great buffet breakfast is served (included in rate). Friendly staff and charming common areas. Fodor’s says the rooms are small for Venice, but I don’t recall that being the case. I believe this was at one time the Russian embassy. A true villa and very close to Accademia Bridge and water bus stop. When I return to Venice, my 2nd favorite city after Paris, I would stay here again.

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We stayed at the Amadeus near the train station. Hotel is nice but our specific room was the smallest I’ve ever stayed in (others where not as small) and we’ve travel quite a bit in Europe.

Venice is a great city and wondering off the beaten path is a great experience.

If you have Starwood points, the Gritti Palace is a dream stay. It’s beware St Marks but just far enough to be tranquil.