Dont think Im going to drink any champagne today/tonight

Just not feeling it. Which is weird because I drink lots of sparkling wine and chamapagne.

I likely won’t either, but I don’t normally drink sparkling/Champagne…

Don’t worry, I will “cover” for both of you - and I’ll have the hangover tomorrow to prove it grouphug


I’ll need it. Good riddance 2009 and Naughty Aughties. [middle-finger.gif]

Go Bob go! [thumbs-up.gif]

Sorry to hear it Berry. Caught a news clip today talking about the significant drop in Champagne imports over the past 2 years. Last night’s Cedric Bouchard Influorescence has me hankering for more.


I have become very enamored of those Bouchards!!!

Drinking an NV Ayala Rose that I picked up on the spur of the moment at a store here in Dallas. Pretty muted on the nose, but decent enough when tasted. Balanced and sort of elegant in a light way.

It’s New Year’s, so that means our one-bottle-per-year drinking of Andre Cold Duck! It’s a blast from the past from my wife’s college days, so we have to do it every new year’s. I get it out of the way early. [rofl.gif]

Cool tradition! [thumbs-up.gif]

I used to open a really nice bottle of champagne around 12pm on NYE. I now open a nice champagne earlier in the evening to enjoy and then open whatever suits my fancy if I want more wine around midnight. Last night we enjoyed 2002 Dhondt vv, which was lovely.

I like champagne generally and NYE deserves it in my book.

A healthy and a happy one to everybody.