Don Perignon "vintage" without date?

A nice restaurant we were at yesterday had an extensive vertical of Dom Perignon featured in their display Eurocave. One bottle caught my eye as something I hadn’t seen. Plain black label stating Vintage, but with no apparent year. What exactly is this?

The restaurant is able to customize upon order, per your special anniversary, graduation, etc.

They hAve undated empty bottles (corked and caged) at my grocery. Those are just for display to let you know you can ask for it. Aren’t the black bottles for P2?

Interesting! And perhaps there’s a back label that indicates the vintage inside? Or do we assume its a purchase for the occasion more than the product and it doesn’t really matter for the target audience?

The latter.

That was my thought as well. Probably an empty display bottle (they never have vintages on them that I’ve seen)

That’s done on purpose too.


Vanity labels are not a unique practice.

It’s one sold directly to clubs and restaurants where the clients don’t care about vintages.

So the mystery is coming together

The bottle in question was definitely full (I could see the fill level), so the “event bottle” theory sounds good to me. Since the restaurant is in the hotel we’re staying in, I’ll ask the sommelier if I get a chance.

Well if it’s Don, it’s probably fake!

It’s real. It’s just something they do for certain places. I don’t know what the benefit is but it’s done.

With just one big bottle in inventory, a restaurant can readily charge more for a better or a specially requested vintage, no matter which it might be. Saves on guesswork. [snort.gif]

If this is a full, regular ‘for sale’ DP and not a display bottle, it is a luminous bottle (there is a switch on the bottom that turns the label on and makes it light up/glow). The vintage is on the back label. Meant for night clubs, leaving the vintage off the light up label enables them to save a little money… and still charge more! There are various versions of the luminous bottlings. Some have vintage dates, some don’t, and some have more intricate DP shield details than others.


The vintage version variety! They make great night lights for the kids’ bedtime.

A switch on the bottom…like a light switch with a battery?

Saw this bottle at a Pavilions yesterday…