Dominus 2017 - Released today

Released today at $199 per bottle. 98 AG, 97 JD, WA, WS


Meh. Prefer to pay $100 for aged bottles in pristine condition and ready to drink.

Not trying to flame here… genuinely curious. Where are you seeing this for $100 in any decent to good vintage? If so - I am all over it. Benchmark is closer to $200.

Haven’t looked recently and may not be available currently, but I got two amazing bottles of 95 for $109 last year.

Costco sighting yesterday of a recent vintage for $259. Sounds like a price drop.

I remember getting the 91 for $30!

At The Corkscrew!! [cheers.gif]

No way you can find a bottle of Dominus for $100 unless it’s maybe a 375ml.

In Princeton? No, from Chris Cree in Clinton, NJ. I also had magnums.

My local guy has the 2016 for $269. I just bought the 2009 from them for $249. For a client. At this price I’m buying Vieux Chateau Certan for myself.

Eight years ago, I bought a case of the 1994 for $65 per bottle, in Rhode Island.

Dominus is my favorite Meritage. None left!

The 92 is also great.

I had Dinner last night at a restaurant in Naples, FL. They had 50% wine… Had a bottle of Dominus 2012 for 180 :slight_smile:

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I bought 2 magnums of the '94 for $75 each from Mill Valley Market.

Agreed, that stretch from 1988 through 1992 is pretty damn amazing