Domestic burrata

I heard rumors a while back that a company in CA was making good burrata, but I couldn’t find it here in the Northwest until this summer. Burrata is infinitely better when it’s fresh, and we’re lucky to have a single cheese shop in Portland that brings fresh burrata in every week. Last summer they brought in Italian burrata only; this summer they’re alternating between Italy and CA. I was momentarily stunned to see that the Cali burrata was twenty bucks, but then I realized that it was for a full pound.

That’s about 8 oz. in the picture. Shiver me timbers… this stuff is delicious. It’s made by a cheese co. called Gioia, and it’s every bit as good as the Italian stuff.

Had some in San Diego last Friday at a friend’s house. It was amazingly good, creamy and mozzeralliiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, it was served with a bit of pesto on top of the burrata in a caprese salad. Not sure the source, it came from a restaurant food supplier. I’ll inquire.

Petey, this is available locally.

We got some two weeks ago when the boyz were in town…it sucked the big one. No flavour and weird texture.

Gioia is indeed delicious stuff!! Someday I want to drive down to the factory in El Monte and get freshly made stuff. I get mine from a local Italian deli on the days they get shipments from Gioia.

Gioia is indeed fantastic burrata.
I’ve had it sent in to NY via fedex.

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Is it made with real mozzarella or from fior di latte?

You holding? Either way, I’d like to try this on a pizza.

I’ve seen people mention burrata on pizza, but it seems like the moisture would be a problem, no?

Burrata (just like fresh mozzarella) is mild in flavor, but what was weird about the texture? It should have different textures inside and outside-- the outside should look pretty much like any other fresh mozzarella, but the inside should be more milky and oozy.

Dude, you sound like some kind of drug dealer or something.

I agree, though it can be done. I’ve had it at Full of Life in Los Alamos, IIRC.

You might have to apply the blops of burrata after the pie exits the oven.

This was more homogenous than the burrata that I have had before. It had ZERO flavor…not even mild.

I am with Bowden, and will try the Mozzarella Company’s version.

I think that, like Parker, your palate has been fried by too much prime meat and big cabs. Subtle flavors don’t register… neener


Bowden and The Freak tasted it as well, and had similar responses.

[rofl.gif] [rofl.gif] [rofl.gif]

And God knows those two are all about “subtle and light”.

(But yeah, homogenous def. sounds wrong)

The dude making the Gioia clearly is the real deal and his cheese is endorsed by the restaurant elite of LA:,0,2342160.story" onclick=";return false;

For everyone’s info, that is the real thing, Caputo 00 tipo fino flour, (and not mannitol.)

Denying the presence of mannitol is in itself somewhat self-incriminating, no? [wink.gif]

Here’s a pizza with burrata, serrano chili, broccoli rabe and sausage
From Motorino in Williamburg Brooklyn