Domaine Wine Storage and Marcassin

Anyone with experience using Domaine Wine Storage in Napa and directing shipments to their storage facility from Marcassin? Not unexpectedly, can’t seem to the info I need from Marcassin.

I used Domaine Wine Storage in Napa for about 7 months or so when I first moved here from Napa last fall, and I highly recommend them (I left only because I bought a house with a cellar). Peter Molinari and his team are fantastic. The place is immaculate, well-built, and professional. They coordinated my cellar move from Chicago, unpacked everything, and had it all ready to go in my storage locker when I arrived.

I’m almost certain they already coordinate direct deliveries from local wineries for customers - you might reach out to Peter and ask if he can help you with Marcassin in particular.


I’ve used them to ship my MACDONALD, and it was super easy, and cost efficient.

Rare wine co informed me that they will not be able to ship to NY today and cannot ship to NJ after month end. They proposed shipping to Domaine’s CA office and charging tax accordingly, and then having Domaine ship to their NJ location. I did not elect to do this (pay shipping twice and tax once, and seems like a pain to coordinate and track).

I’d raise the argument with them that they should cover the shipping to Domaine. It’s not that far from their warehouse.

Domaine does pick up from many local retailers. They really have mastered the shipping thingy.