Domaine Tempier 2020 Lulu & Lucien

Hey folks!

I am in a bar/restaurant that has this for $60 (retail, but can also bring into the restaurant).

How is this? Is it a worthy purchase (more to age than drink in the restaurant)

TIA - @Otto_Forsberg are you still awake?

I just bought for $55, but haven’t opened. Very curious too.

The price is very reasonable indeed - I usually purchase Tempier at 45-50€.

Not really a p’n’p wine. If they can (and you have enough time to) keep the wine in a decanter for +1 hour, get it.


Well Dagnabbit Benjamin….open one up and tell me! :joy:

Can come back tomorrow - in Ohio to watch the Steelers-Browns game


And if it was to purchase for takeaway (and cellar it), definitely worth it. Probably not the best deal you can get, but definitely not a gouging price. I could buy it and not regret anything if there weren’t any other reasonable options for sourcing Tempier.


There aren’t - thanks Otto!

So I bought 3 - when should I drink them?

I bought it in magnum to open eventually with my son who was born in 2020…:grinning:

Young Tempier to me is too ripe fruited to be enjoyed, but looking at CT many seem to think otherwise. Pop one early and see for yourself? I tend to prefer most Bandol 15+ years from the vintage even if some less concentrated/ripe-fruited iterations can drink well way earlier.

Isn‘t that just their basic Bandol rebranded?

I’m not sure the hive mind that underpins CT scores should be a reference for anything. Not a criticism of CT itself, rather it simply shows most people who consume wine are clueless (which, if nothing else, makes CT a representative example of the larger world).

I wasn’t talking about scores, they are not of interest to me. Just wanted to offer a balanced take. I prefer a more mature profile, but there seem to be many who enjoy (also) a more primary stage of this wine. I’m sure even some here.

I knew you weren’t!! But I think collectively CT users as a group open wines “too young”. Not “too young for my palate” (as I enjoy mature wines as well). I simply think the concept of maturity and an aging profile doesn’t apply to most CT users.

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Yes. They rebranded the normal for Lulu in 2017 (when she was 100) but I thought it was limited to 2017 :man_shrugging:.

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This. I’m the same, I like them with age (Tempier, Pradeaux and Gros’Noré mostly). But I would open some early for a friend who likes them young so it gave me a chance to check in.

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Thanks Folks! :+1: