Domaine Monthelie-Douhariet -- any info?

Do any of our esteemed Burgundy experts have any insight into Domaine Monthelie-Douhariet?

They just popped up on our radar this morning, and there isn’t much out there about them, reviews or otherwise.

I’m curious for any perspective folks might like to share…

I had some very good wines from them a long time ago. Very traditionally made wines. Have not seen them in a long time. Is the old lady still alive?

Is Andre Porcheret making the wines?

I bought a decent amount of their '95s. They were quite good and, man oh man, the prices…those days are gone. Never saw them again in this market after that.

It’s actually called Monthelie-Douhairet Porcheret now.

Indeed it is. I have some various village and 1er wines from them. There’s a retailer here whose Burgundy selection leans heavy toward this producer. Fairly traditional and structured.

Indeed, very tradition, and they take a long time to come around. I bought a half case of the 02 Volnay Champans on Claude Kolm’s recommendation and thought I’d made a bad mistake. In the early years it was very light in color and shrill – acidic with little fruit. I realized eventually that my mistake was to have drunk the first five bottles too young. The last bought 10 years or so ago was shining.

I put the 99 Champans in a blind flight with a 99 Produttori Barbaresco and a 99 Mastrojanni Brunello six years or so ago and it fit right in structurally, with lots of tannin and acid. It was yummy then but still young.

She died in 2004, according to the domaine’s web site. She adopted her winemaker, Porcheret, so he could inherit it, as I recall.

There was a wonderful profile of her by Richard Olney in the New Yorker back in the 90s (?).

Chambers had some of the 99 Volnay Champans recently, but a friend said those bottles weren’t as good as the ones we purchased earlier in the 2000s.

One of my favorite producers. I believe Porcheret no longer makes the wines; they had a very good winemaker from 2002-2005ish, but she’s gone and I don’t know whose making the wines these days.

The Porcheret era wines are very concentrated and sturdy (with the Porcheret touch, wink) but age forever.

I stand corrected: The article was by Jane Kramer. It was published in 1990. There was an amusing anectode about Armande Douhairet enjoying porn videos, as I recall.

Bump. Sommcellars has an offer today. Bit on some of the Monopole village and the champans. Anyone tried recently?


I’d be very curious to hear about recent experiences.

Disclaimer: We represent the Domaine in Puerto Rico.

Very traditional well made Burgundies. Wines made by Porcheret and his daughter. IMHO the domaine strength is in Monthelie village and premier cru Duresses. The whites are solid across the board. I would drink them during the first five years or after 15. The wines go to sleep during maturation.

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