Domaine La Suffrene Bandol Rosé (2007)

Picked this up recently as a bin end in Edmonton.
Mourvèdre 40 %, Cinsault 30 %, Grenache 20 % and Carignan 10 %
Website suggesting drinking within 4 years of release. I’m late to the party with this. But thankfully this has some of stuffing we expect in a Bandol. It’s showing some age including some visible but dull orange tinge and not much of the brighter salmon one would expect on release. In certain lighting, it looks like a sherry. It is showing some signs of age but no loss of life. It’s still fresh and has nice balanced acidity that matches just fantastic with some food. But it’s not all primary now. It’s complex, spicy and has some nice length to it. Nothing outstanding or earth shattering, but it’s a nice older rose I was glad to meet.