Domaine du Vieux Telegraphe "La Crau" Châteauneuf-du-Pape 2001: New Year's Day

Two bottles for this evening’s prime rib roast. One bottle more open than the other - a bit more vivid and vivacious. But both showed excellent structure and tannic edge. The color was not showing too much evolution, perhaps some lighter red on the rim. 2001 is not a super generous vintage in terms of alcohol levels - the label indicates 14 per cent - and I like that very much. Fine tension and balance. The nose is brisk, almost salty but also a bit heady, which is what you can expect from a CndP. Notes of “garrigue” Provence herbal aspect including lavender and pepper. A blend of 60% Grenache, 15% Mourvedre, 10% Syrah, and 15% other authorized grapes.

Will post notes after dinner. Both bottles have just been double decanted.

Happy New Year!

Thanks for the fine note Panos, I have the 01 Pegau set to open in a couple of hours, I expect it to show very similar to the way you described the 01 VT, which is exactly what I am in the mood for this evening.

Thanks for the note. I’m planning a large 2001 CdP horizontal for later this year. Its good to see these positive impressions.

Big fan of Vieux Telegraphe. I find their “house style” to be more consistent across vintages than almost every other CdP producer. And that style, to my palate, is characterized by pepper, seaweed/nori, iodine and notes of peat. VT, to my palate, has a certain resemblance to single malt scotches from Islay, especially Lagavulin.

The 01 Beaucastel I had recently seemed very closed and disjointed.

Not sure about Beaucastel 01 at this stage, Craig, as I have three mags and several bottles but not touched recently. But tasted over dinner - and the next day - the VT 01 comes across very smooth and settled. Especially on day 2. As A Rubin Stein so interestingly described, as smooth as a single malt. In any case, if anyone has VT 01, it can be opened now, but no rush either.

Yea, other than same vintage probably not an apt wine to compare with VT since Beaucastel is so Mouvedre dominant. I have some 01 VTs and look forward to trying one.