Domaine A.F. Gros

Has anyone tasted the recent wines from this Domaine? I can’t seem to find any recent impressions.
Also, I would love any production/winemaking information. TIA!

Last wines I had from them were the 2002 Vosne Romanee which was rich, big, intense, sauvage-laden and flat out pretty good if somewhat stylistic in nature and the 2002 Richebourg which was painfully young and while having positive elements to it the wood was so completely not integrated it was not that fun to drink although I would suspect that 10 more years of bottle age will do wonders for this wine. Nothing on my end more current than that. I don’t even feel like I see them that much anymore.

To make sure, you mean Anne-Françoise Gros, located in Pommard with husband François Parent making the wines?

Yes, that’s the right Domaine. I have had some older examples (notably an amazing '93 Richebourg) but I think there has been some replanting and possibly some winemaking changes so I am looking for more recent impressions.

I recently bought 3 2009 Af Gros richebourgs and opened 1. I have to say it was a mistake. It had some oak but it was definitely not too oaky so that’s good. But it was very big and not overly complex (but smooth). At the very end of the bottle I did start detecting more complexity underneath but it is hard to figure out if being an 09 and a richebourg what will emerge.

At the same time I bought 3 2009 jayer echezeaux dessus. Even though it was almost half the price it had more complexity.

But richebourg may need time to lose its baby fat. I don’t know but I’m sure not to touch my others for a decade.

Well, Francois Parent claims not to have used the concentrator machine in 2009, so they have that going for them. I do understand that the concentrator is used regularly, and I applaud the domaine for being candid about this. I believe the proper name is Domaine Anne-Francoise Gros, not to be confused with Anne Gros, Michel Gros, or Gros Frere et Soeur. As far as I know, Dom. Anne Gros has never used the concentrator, but the other three do often use it.

I had the '09 Anne Gros Richebourg, thought it showed great depth and had tons of future promise…

My understanding is that they did not use a concentrator in 2010. Here is a link to their website -

The last I tasted was a 01 Richebourg which was a little worked though still very enjoyable and good in the context of Richebourg. I do not actively seek them out though I have bought in the past. Cheers Mike

I haven’t had any of the recent ones, but will concur that I’ve had amazing bottles of that '93 Richebourg. At a blind Richebourg dinner several years ago, we were all shocked when it was wine of the night over '90, '91, and '93 versions of Leroy and Meo. I’ve also had a less great bottle of it though.


Kevin, good to hear they did not concentrate the must in 2010. Still, I’d rather they shipped that machine to Bordeaux or further. I don’t trust r.o.'d wines to age gracefully as I believe it affects the balance and purity. I’d just rather not take the chance. And what’s up with needing such concentration anyway? Lighter bodied wines can be as rewarding as darker, fuller wines IMO. So I also don’t trust a winemaker who feels a need to r.o. the wines to hit his concentration target. Other domaines deal with youngish vines without reverse osmosis. Just my 2 cents.

It seems to me that concentrating what’s there is a “purer” winemaking technique than chaptalization, no?

I don’t think so, Nick, simply because chaptalization has gone on forever, and we know the wines take it well when limited to small amounts. I don’t like chapitalization but don’t have an absolute rule to avoid such wines. I won’t abide r.o. as a matter of personal “policy”, but that is just me. YMMV.

Totally agree Lew. The concentrated Burgs that I have tasted were awful.

+1 but I have been guilty of buying the odd one or two.

Chaptalization is not evil, in fact many of you would be surprised at who chaptelizes and in what years. Some believe it adds texture and mouthfeel to the wine.

Just to save someone else the damage done to my poor little brain, Anne-Francoise Gros is not the same domaine as Anne et Francois Gros (the old name for what is now Anne Gros), and they’re regularly confused in databases and catalogs.

To my taste, Anne Gros is the way to go.

Here is what I remember re Gros familty :

Anne Françoise and Anne are 1st cousins. The wines are made from separate plots, not together.

Their fathers were brothers; A’s dad was François Gros and A.F.’s dad was Jean Gros. Their grandfather was Louis Gros, who was the patriarch of the Gros clan.

So for a short period of time, A’s wines were A&F Gros (for Anne & François, as she and her dad were in it together). A&F Gros and Anne Gros are from the same plot.

A-F is the cousin, and she has two brothers, Michel and Bernard, who also make wine.

There’s also Gros Frère et Soeur, which is and uncle and aunt of Anne and Anne-Françoise (also kids of Louis).

So the family tree looks like this:

  1. Louis Gros (was Domaine Louis Gros)
  2. Jean Gros (was Domaine Jean Gros)
  3. Anne-Françoise Gros (Domaine Anne-Françoise Gros)
  4. Michel Gros (Domaine Michel Gros)
  5. Bernard Gros (Domaine Bernard Gros)
  6. Gustave Gros (Domaine Gros Frère et Soeur)
  7. Colette Gros (Domaine Gros Frère et Soeur)
  8. François Gros (was Domaine François Gros, as well as A&F Gros)
  9. Anne Gros (Domaine Anne Gros)

    Hope I am not too confused …

Which other producers are known to use concentrators?

Please note that the info I posted on Post NO. 18 regarding the Gros family, is a copy of a post which was perhaps posted by Robert sometimes ago.