Dom Perignon Warhol Labels -Shiny or Paper

In looking at how Dom Perignon released their 2002 (and 2000) Andy Warhol bottles, I’d be interested in hearing preferences and packaging differences for those who have bought them. As a background, Dom P. has released their Warhol bottles in two formats:

  • Regular paper label but with Blue, Red, or Yellow coloring (appears to be initial launch intention as this was what the bottles looked like at initial announcement)
  • Glossy label with silver lettering and Blue, Red, Emerald, Yellow, Violet, and Lilac label coloring
  • I have only seen the 2000 with the colored paper label

    I would be interested in seeing what packaging everyone has found the above label types in. I have only seen the colored regular paper packaging in the individual Warhol boxes and the glossy colored labels in the loose bottle Warhol 6 packs.

As an aside, I really like the glossy labels and don’t quite get why they did both. Which do you prefer?

* Yes, the juice is the same in all the bottles of a particular vintage, but for the same price, I like the colored labels. Oh yeah 2002 DP is good stuff too and sales have been strong so price increases are coming.

So most of the release are and will be shinny labels? My case is all paper label blue picked out from gift boxes.

My 6 pack of 2002 is paper label.


I haven’t asked which type of labeling is more prevalent.


Was your six pack in or out of gift boxes?

gift boxes


I’m a retailer in ATL with the glossy labels in loose 6 packs. I prefer these to the paper as they just look better and stand out (as a set of 6). From my perspective as a consumer they’re convenient as you don’t have the bulky gift boxes if you’re buying Dom to cellar.

  • Drift: By the way your latest issue is great. Totally agree with your take on the '02 Gimmonet Special Club “Millesime de Collection” Keep up the good work!*


Thanks Jim. That seems consistent to what I have seen as the colored paper labels seem to be in gift boxes and the glossy colored labels in the loose bottle six packs (one bottle of all six colors).


Thanks for the kind words. I agree with you on the DP stuff. Gift boxes are nice when gifting, but I don’t like the big gift boxes DP started using with the 2000 release. Too big and bulky for storage IMO. The smaller traditional gift boxes are much easier to handle and can help with keep light out when cellaring. Of course to compound things, you can get the DP in the traditional smaller gift box, the larger “push botton” box, and, of course, the Warhol style box is completely different as well.

For the 02 Warhol, did you get in more loose 6 packs or more of the gift box six packs? Were you able to pick the quantity you wanted of each style?


I looked at both options and opted for loose 6 packs for my entire purchase- I was able to choose.