Dom Perignon P3, P2 and P1 - A Plentitude of Spirituality this Evening

A buddy of ours is heavy into the car racing scene, and placing pretty regularly P1 to P3 recently - including a recent win at Daytona - so we joked about setting up a night of the Dom Ps. And he goes out and buys the P3. The joke becomes reality. Outside of my meager wine budget, but me and my other two buddies did grab some P2 and P1 for an epic pairing. With sushi. Wow what a night.

Started with the 1992 P3, deciding on an order of old to young. This wine is flat out gorgeous. Mature, but still exhibiting a fairly powerful early mousse that otherwise did dissipate with some time in the glass. The Chardonnay cut really came to the fore on this bottle as the wine caught air in the glass. Rounded, deep, sensuous. Lush white fruits cut with some citrusy yellows. Toasted nuts and brioche. The nutty profile was quite prolific. Long, layered finish. A very unique expression of champagne. (97 pts.)

The 2002 P2 - my third P2 bottle in the last year or so - was fire. Quite youthful still. Very powerful, rich wine. An Islay Malt of Champagne with its salinity, iodine and a meaty fleshiness. Pears, apples, peaches, like running through a cool orchard patch. This wine is in the zone and has a very long runway. I suspect if they make a P3 out of this vintage, it will top the 1992. An intense wine. (96+ pts).

The 2010 P1 was like the red-headed step child by comparison. Wish I had chosen an 08 or 12 for this pairing, but was a rough week and didn’t have time to assemble things well. This is a really enjoyable champagne, but lacks the precision or depth that you see in 2008, for example. What it lacks there, it exceeds in approachability. A fairly ripe, floral, open vintage. (93 pts.)

As we needed something to pair with the A5 Wagyu, we closed the evening with a 2012 Chateau L’If, a new St. Emilion from the Thienpont family, owners of Le Pin and VCC. A cepage of 85% Merlot and 15% Cabernet Franc. Matured in 30% new oak. I like this wine very much, showed a rather cool climate profile with a minty top note, structured profile and still a bit reticent. Needs another 5 years minimum, but I expect the wine to flesh out more. Mostly dark fruit, bark and dry earth and a hint of black truffles. (93+ pts.)

Wish I had the depth of champagne experience to have described these wines better, as I doubt I captured how cool this evening really was, to enjoy and compare three very distinct bottlings of Dom, one of which I had never seen before, the P3. The wine is cost-prohibitive - and frankly, does not make sense - but sure was a treat to experience.



we need a drunk TN frorum. this es epic.

Sounds like an amazing night! Great notes, and thanks for sharing. Curious how you found the ‘02 P2 showed versus your prior experiences with the ‘02 P1?

“Shake & Bake”

What does this mean?

To paraphrase Churchill for his benefit:

“I may be drunk, but tomorrow I will be sober. And you, sir, will still be a d*ck.”


You’re a beast, Alfert!

Ha, love your signature. A fellow Churchillian! champagne.gif

Wow Robert, that’s an amazing set of wines and a meal to match. I need to tell my f’ing deadbeat friends they need to step it up a notch! [snort.gif]


Last night also reminded me how remarkably versatile champagne is. We had a pretty broad range of fare, and it worked really well. Tuna of all grades, pacific NW oysters, lobster nigiri, spicy ribs, fried chicken and A5. Not sure what other wine could pull that off.



Good times to be sure Robert! I agree champagne is so versatile I love it more every year.

Those food pics look amazing. But they coulda been a bit more blurry…….for my personal tastes I mean.


Drunk tasting notes do that, Jorge!

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'92 Dom Perignon P3

Absolutely gorgeous packaging…Roy unsheathing the bottle felt akin to King Arthur climatically extracting Excalibur from the stone…My first thoughts were…“ok, I’ve had P2 and they are lovely, but I can’t say I’ve had any aged champagne that really did it for me.” So here I am wondering if this might be a bit of a gimmick…You know, that (insert) George Bush gaffe, “fool me ya can’t git fooled again” moment.

Ok so how was it?
First sniff smelled like Alferts musty jock after a 65mile Gran Fondo in the Blue Ridge mountains, totally nuts right? Hold your comments…ok not the best start…but as time unfurled the metamorphosis began…oh man, dark chocolate powered almonds accompanied by a light smoke sauvage note…Loves :heart:

On the palate, wow, this is quite lively, crisp citrus, playful, nutty, toffee, biscuity (is that even a word?) …with lingering staying power on the finish…killing🙌

Just when the night hits its ‘Apogee’ then comes the buzz kill…I begin to receive texts from Charlie Carnes aka Carne Asada, asking me to give Robert a big smooch :kissing_heart: for him…now I don’t know the depths of their relationship, but I say boys, lets be honorable and respect their privacy, keep this one in the trust tree…County Squire meets County Law Boy…Broken Back Mountain???:cowboy_hat_face:


Shit goes off the rails quickly around these here parts😜

Dom F’ing P3 :clinking_glasses::champagne:


I can see the tuna of all grades, the oysters and the lobster (and even the A5 as it had its own wine), and could see eating fried chicken with anything (I am a Southerner, everything goes with fried food), but why add the spicy ribs with Champagne? Not like you had a shortage of other food.

Everything was incredible, been to Kabooki many times…never had the chicken and it slayed

Becuse we are Floridaman, Howard. Meats is required.

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Then, you should have just done it right and had Chicken Fried Steak!!! Anyway, great tasting and notes.

It’s the glory of the iPhone 3…

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Kudos for your Peloton ride this morning.