Dom Pérignon consumed in France?

A colleague of mine believes that a huge percentage of Dom Perignon is exported. In other words, he believes that a small percentage of Dom Perignon is actually consumed in France. He also says that Dom is very secretive about their production and sales figures.

Does anyone have any data on this? I was able to find an overall production figure for of 5 million bottles (2013 article). But that says nothing about how much they export.

Thanks for any enlightenment!

Depends what you mean by small, but 10% of so local consumption would not surprise me.

I would post this in Wine Talk for a wider audience. Brad Baker or someone else might have at least an idea of how it breaks down. I believe 5 million bottles would be one of their larger vintages, but you’re talking about millions every time, so it’s quite a bit of wine.

Considering most of the world is not France, this doesn’t surprise me at all.

This isn’t a surprise for me that lvmh don’t communicate about the production.
One or 5 millions of bottle it’s hudge for the champagne area.
It does mean that it’s produced with a lot of producer, a lot of village.
(Remember that size of california is bigger than france )

They just frighten that customer remark that it’s only a mass production
That does mean that dom perignon have no “terroir”, dom perignon is only a mix of lot of producer, only a bsa like another producer with a beautiful bottle and a lot of marketing.
Like armand de brignac.

10% does mean 500000 bottles at 120€
Remind :

  • 21 million of french adults (except 3 millions of muslim )
  • 90% of frenchies consider that spend more than 10€ In a bottle is dumb.

While I think 10% is a bit high, there are around 50 million adults living in France.

And the question was consumption in France, not consumption in France by the French.

with 65 million in France, there can’t be 50 million adults. Then I looked it up–you are pretty close.

No data, but for a city [and country] that is known for beer, I see Dom in all of the better Amsterdam wine shops and some super markets including mags. Currently, all have 06`on the shelves.