Does anybody buy Pride Wines anymore?

Had a 375 of the 2015 Pride Cab in Maui last week, really nice Napa Cab.I bought a lot of this stuff in the late 90’s and early 2000s and loved it.

I dropped off the list but occasionally grab some halves. I have some 07-08 left stikk

I do from time to time. A friend is on their list and I buy through them. I find their cab to have a good QPR for napa.

My brother in law is on their list and I always enjoy when he serves it, especially their whites and the cab franc.

I don’t buy them, but it’s funny they are considered a QPR now when I remember them being high on the price side in late 90s and early 00s.

i find the regular cabs, chardonnay and reserve wines to be a reasonably good deal. I stuggle with their Vintner Select wines that are only slightly less than the reserves.
i found their wines have improved since Sally Johnson took over as Winemaker and dialed back the oak program.

Visited last October and most of the wines needed some time both the bottled ones and, obviously, the barrel samples. Our favorite was the Vioginier, but pricey compared to most CA versions.

The Cab is often available at my local retail shop. It’s very good, and yes, reasonably priced in the world of Napa/Sonoma Cab.

I think the pricing hasn’t really changed since the early 2000s. Foley probably made some people seek it out; I think the wines under sally Johnson are a bit more balanced.

Used to buy the regular and Vintner Cabs quite a bit but only buy the Reserve Cab since making the list several years ago.

The 2002 Pride Cab was my “a ha” wine that got me started into wine.

No, for the most part. Was on the mailing list in the 90’s I guess it was, was finally offered the reserves on an off vintage, did not take them and lost my standing. Then for other resaons dropped off. Bought a couple recent vintage bottles retail, but they struck me now as too modern and maybe heavy on the oak for what the wines were. I can pass on these.

What vintage did Sally Johnson take over winemaking duties?

2007 or 2008; i think 07 was sort of a combined effort.

Their viognier was always a ‘benchmark’ for the true CA floral, viscous style - is it still that way? It could go head to head with Alban for sure . . .


I still buy the regular Cab. Stopped buying the Reserve because of the requirements to buy every year.

I used to buy the Reserves in the '90s, then dropped off of all lists that required annual purchases a long time ago.

I love Pride wines (with really only exposure to the Cabernet Sauvignons, Merlots, and Cab Francs). The 1999 Cab was one of my, “Ah ha” wines. I lugged a bottle of that on my honeymoon in Kona, HI years ago. I can find them retail as well. I bought six of the Reserves from over on CC for a decent price…glad to have them. I had a 2006 Reserve a few weeks back that was quite good, but entering the decline soon IMO. The regular wines can be found fairly easily at retail here, so I rarely buy from the winery.

Does anybody remember the late harvest dessert wine they used to make?I think it was Viogneir.Man that was some seriously good stuff, had a catchy name that I can’t remember.

Thanks, Michael.

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