Does 04 Jadot Clos St Jaques have greenie meanies?

Anyone tried one recently?

I just bought 6 at KL wines. $15 FYI

4 left…

I’m sure, though the 04 Jadot ESJ was one wine from 375 that hasnt shown a trace yet.

$15 might be worth the risk/reward.

Looks like they have 30 - something left fwiw.

You are correct. I was looking at the wrong listing.

Holy s**t what a price. It reminds me of the panic about 98s and look how nicely that beautiful vintage is turning out. What (even some eminent) people wilfully misunderstand about red burgundy is the fact that just because it doesn’t taste nice now(or even tastes faulty) it doesn’t mean that it’s not going to be fine in the future. It refuses continuous assessment.

Thought I was buying 750s but I bougth splits! [oops.gif]

Still a good deal though

Still worth $15.