Do you segment California Red Blend and Bordeaux Blend separately in cellar?

As I organize my cellar I note that some wines are indicated as one versus the other. What is the right approach here? Combine them, or keep them separate. Appreciate your thoughts.

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You will probably get more responses to this by posting it in the Wine Talk forum.
Good luck.

Thanks Bruced, good suggestion.

It depends what you mean by “red blend.” If you are talking GSM wines, I keep those with those varietals. I keep Bordeaux blend wines with my Cabs.

What is this “organization” in the wine cellar that you speak of?

I don’t even separate white from red lol

You gotta keep 'em separated…

I use software for sorting my bottles. I can sort or filter them however I want with an app. I’m the cellar they go wherever there is an open slot.