Dm Chartron

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Does anyone have any experience/comments regarding Domaine Chartron. I have not had any experience with them and a retailer is offering (suggesting) some wines to buy. Their website suggests they have produced a Montrachet in 2020, with their last Montrachet being 2014. However on Wine Searcher there are shops selling vintages in between?

Thanks in advance

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I like their Chevalier and they do a trade with Ramonet to get Batard. Evidently they’ve improved past decade or so but I don’t have much in specifics.


Love the Chevy Clos. Very solid and good value. But prices are rising. Is it as good as Leflaive? No. But better than stuff like Bouchard for the most part.

Very good wines. The Puligny-Montrachet 1er Cru Clos du Cailleret is special.

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What’s the premox situation with them ?

Not sure, does anyone know what type of cork they are using?

A 2014 Chevalier the other week was a nice wine but not even slightly worthy of its appellation.

They had premox problems in many 00 vintages.

They use DIAM these days, not sure when they started though.

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Pretty sure the 12 Chevy I had was under DIAM. But it was a couple of years ago and I didn’t include it in my note.

'07/'10 have been a minefield, but the sound bottles were really good. If they are using Diam now then you should be ok.


Yeah Tom’s comment was rather curious. Haven’t heard that kind of opinion about Chartron from anyone.

I can’t speak to the '14, but I am cooking fish tonight so I will open a '10 Chevy and see if it is poxed and if not, if it is just nice or worthy of the appellation.

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Well, a picture says 1,000 words, so I will keep it short. The decanter and the Zalto on the left is the Chartron Chevy. This would have benefited from Diam because not only was it poxed, it was also corked! Give me a break! So just for fun, I decided to open a '10 Jadot MP (Zalto on the right), and it was even worse. We started with an "02 Ployez d’Harbonville which is in the tulip glass. Look at the color differential.

I do have one reason to be thankful for the blight of premox which is that it is the reason I have a cellar full of Champagne and not white Burgundy.

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Ok, i might take the plunge and see try a few bottles out. I’ll be buying 2020 Vintages and assuming its on Diam, would hopefully prevent a lot of those pox issues discussed about. Thank you all. Keep the discussion flowing though :slight_smile:

I think you should be safe with current vintages. Btw, both of these '10’s did drink well young.

I’ve tasted quite a few vintages of the Chartron Chevalier (and the Caillerets) and it’s fair to say they were nowhere near as good in the mid to late 2000s as now. Even the 2008s and 2010s are ok, but not great for the respective vintages, although improvements were clearly already underway. For my tastes, the 2013s represent a turning point - all the ones from that vintage forwards have been really excellent. Sure, it’s not d’Auvenay or Leflaive, but I have not yet had a disappointing (or oxidised) bottle from 2013 onwards.