Dirty & Rowdy White Oak Flats Mourvedre 2014

Popped the bottle a couple of days ago and left it alone (minus a dram) until tonight.

Still kind of tight, with assertive acidity and fruit tannins. First taste made me think of Bojo, but, two days later, I find a different wine.

Light-medium body, medium tannins. Nose is an awesome floral, berry preserves-kinda thing. I always love the aromas in Mr Wallace’s wines. Palate delivers a very primary red cherry-skin flavor. The balance of acids and tannins is the White Oak Flats’ strength at this young age.

I want to chug the bottle, but a part of me feels guilty for killing it at such a young age. You have no business popping the 2014 yet.

Two days? Certainly going to leave this one alone for a while.

It does have a crazy chalky finish on the roof of your mouth, too.

Day #4 and the fullness of fruit and Mourvedre-ish flavors are coming forward. Still has the rawness of primary flavors, as well as the cool chalkiness.

Yeah, leave it alone.