Dirty & Rowdy Release!

Earlier today in another thread, I asked if anyone knew what wines were in the up-coming release. Just got the email below, which answers my question. Looking particularly forward to the Petite!

“When he (winemaker, Olivier Cousin) spoke of the harvest, he told me that he felt the entire year was a rehearsal for the concert that the harvest would become. He stressed that this concert’s purpose was not to make wine. The real thing they were practicing for was to make the experience the most pleasant possible, for everyone involved…“ - Nick Gorevic, Jenny & Francois Selections

It is hard to articulate the evolving mix of joy and excitement that comes with sweaty hands and butterflies, as we are hours away from the start of our fifth harvest year. To calm our nerves and slow our internal beats per minute, we think of Olivier’s words. We have worked hard; we have rehearsed, and by the time you read this- the curtain will be up.

In 2010 we made two barrels of Santa Barbara Highlands Vineyard Mourvèdre. In 2014, we now work with seven Mourvèdre vineyards and continue to explore the potential of this mysterious variety in remote corners of California. Our skin and concrete egg fermented Semillon has become something unlike any other, and Petite Sirah, Chardonnay, sparkling Pinot Blanc, and Pinot Noir have all found homes at Dirty and Rowdy.

We have come a ways and have much more to uncover- On August 21st we will offer the mailing list the following wines.

2013 California Familiar $30 (93% Mourvèdre 7% Petite Sirah)
Santa Barbara, Amador, Mendocino County
270 Cases
2013 Rosewood Vineyards Old Vines Mourvèdre $38
Redwood Valley, Mendocino County
40 Cases
2013 Rosewood Vineyards Old Vines Petite Sirah $38
Redwood Valley, Mendocino County
39 Cases.

Shipping will begin in October. Wine and allocation details will be included in the release email.

Cheers to another harvest. May the season be the most pleasant as possible, for everyone involved.
With gratitude,
The Dirty and Rowdy Family
Amy, Kate, Matt and Hardy

Can’t wait for this. Already finished everything I bought in the last offer, and really excited to see what they can do with petite sirah.

Very much looking forward to trying the wines.

What have you tried?

Looking forward to it as well. However, I still have 9 of 12 bottles previously purchased left. I think I missed out on the last Petite Sirah, which was their first. The Semillon is such an interesting wine, it’s awesome. The Mourvedre’s I’ve had are lighter and more aromatic that you would expect a Mourvedre to be, very unique. The 2013 Familiar, with 270 cases should allow for anyone who signs up on the mailing list now to get some this round.

Same here Keith. Almost done drinking all of the last release goodies… [drinkers.gif]

can’t wait for this.

These wines are so awesome. In honor of the release mailing I opened up another bottle of the wonderful 2013 “ESPECIAL”… the worst thing I can say about this wine is that it evaporates quickly! [snort.gif]

Last years PS was a real fun wine. Have a couple stashed away, could always pop one before the release.
My note from pre-release…

  • 2012 Dirty and Rowdy Petite Sirah Old Vine Rosewood Vineyards - USA, California, North Coast, Redwood Valley (9/30/2013)
    Got an early sample of this from Hardy before release. Being a big PS fan I was intrigued by the thought of a D&R Petite Sirah. Big varietal, picked early, low intervention. 12.6abv.

Opened this on a Friday, poured a glass and put the bottle back in the cellar. First day it was hard as nails, no surprise. Looked back in on Sunday and found it starting to come around. Now on Monday evening after 76 hours of air this is really opening up. Blue fruit and white pepper abound. Big PS fruit but not big on texture. Elegant in the mouth with iron, crushed rock, zippy acid, a kiss of oak and chalky tannins for days.
Granted this is a baby but I can see this as much more approachable in the near term, than say a Switchback Ridge or Turley, because the leanness of the fruit. It brings the whole PS package but in a feminine way and I really like it.
Only like 30 cases produced, Hardy said it will be allocated to the mailing list. I’m in for all I can buy.

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I’m passing on many offers this season, but Dirty & Rowdy is an easy all-in!

I was able to pick up a couple of bottles of the Mourvèdre from a shop in Atlanta and some semillon from Storyteller. I won’t get the semillon until the fall shipping but I will open a Mourvèdre this weekend. I am looking forward to it.

That D&R Rosewood PS needs 24 H open, seriously.

Signed up a few months back. Hope I get something!

Please Hardy you’ve got to allocate me some of this! [beg.gif]

Can’t wait for this one, as usual. Last night we opened a 2012 Santa Barbara Highlands Mourved and it blew away several of my friends. I can still taste it.

I opened the 12 Shake Ridge Ranch last night just to try it since the new release is coming up. I’ve never had a Mourved wine before so I don’t have a frame of reference to compare so my notes are more of a running commentary as I drank my glass last night.

PnP and the nose really stood out as I just swirled and smelled it over the course of 10 minutes before even taking a sip. It’s almost pinot noir like on the nose but better. It was a lighter color and I could see through to the bottom of the glass. My first impression this is just a fascinating wine. After my first sip, it’s definitely closed up but the tannins let you know this isn’t a delicate wine. I love the big tannins but I still got out some cheese to help. Over the next 2 hours I’m still amazed at the nose, it’s like a crushed strawberry, candy, and maybe a little bubble gum, type aroma. It seemed very slow to open up to where I could enjoy the plum flavors and some other red fruit (maybe cranberry or strawberry). Two hours in and the flavors are starting to poke their heads out. I should have opened this yesterday at the rate it opens up. Can’t wait for tonight after the bottle will have been opened for 24 hours. I don’t see how passing on the upcoming release is even an option.

I’m crossing my fingers for an allocation this round, but having just joined the list in the last year or so, and with quantities as limited as those that Matt and Hardy have to offer, the quality of the wines, and the reasonable pricing, I’m not holding my breath. I imagine that having a lot more people wanting to buy than they can sell is a stressful part of the operation.

The wife and I had the pleasure of meeting Hardy and tasting through a couple of released wines as well as a number from the upcoming release(s). Really…seemed like there were nearly 10 bottles and a good number of them were 2013s, so I figure we tried more than 1 release worth. Every single one of them were just delicious. I think he said that this is the last vintage of PS, so get it while you can.

With 1-2 barrels usually made for each single vineyard mourvedre, Larry P, you will probably have no problem getting an allocation (unless you haven’t signed up for the list–DUH) of the “Familiar”. I think allocations are tight just because they have so many single vineyard releases with very few turning out more than a couple of barrels.

Warren: Most of the bottles had been open since the prior day (24 hours or so) with a couple opened a day or more earlier. We’ll be taking whatever we are offered–especially of the “Familar”, which I thought was a show stopper. It was an unplanned get-together while we were passing through, so nobody felt compelled to take any sort of notes. We quite enjoyed the wine–every single one of them!

I do not pray often but when I do I pray for an allocation of Dirty & Rowdy, clearly I did not sign up soon enough.

Thanks everyone for the kind words. We are always thrilled when we get to share our wines. We look forward to sending out this release.

Apologies for any delay in chiming in- we spent all night picking our first fruit for 2014. (Antle Vineyard, Chalone AVA, Pinot Blanc)
Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 10.05.36 PM.png
Last night’s pick (w/ the infamous John Lockwood of Enfield Wine squatchin’ up the lower right corner of the photo).

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I had 3 of the 2012 Mouvedres with friends from Toronto last weekend. Shake Ridge, Rosewood and Santa Barbara Highlands.

They were all different and delicious. Beautiful bright fruit. Tasty. Refreshing. We had a blast tasting them and then having them with out dinner at Gu’s. Hardy and Matt are doing great work.

Delicious stuff Hardy!