Dirty & Rowdy Family Winery TV Spotlight

Congrats Hardy for a nice spot on Start Up ! This short business documentary series has some very nice business profiles that make it a welcome change from typical TV … START UP TV SHOW . Hardy’s spot is in season 4 episode 11. …Cheers Hardy…Gary

These are my buddies so I have a very personal interest. Thanks so much.

I don’t watch much TV; is this on a regular national network?

BTW, Congratulations to Dirty and Rowdy!!!

Thanks, Gary, Don, and Drew! We missed the first airing here in the N. Bay and hope to catch the episode on the 2nd run. We had a great time with these folks when they came to visit.

For anyone interested in catching the episode it is playing on most PBS networks in the US. Our Episode is “Eggs and Wine”
To find your local schedule, go to the about page START UP TV SHOW | About START UP TV project and scroll down to the “our schedule” box.
Startup Schedule.png

Drew - It’s syndicated to PBS stations. Current episodes get exposure twice a week and at this point I think they are in their 4th year. Last year they did a nice episode on local oyster farmer Perry Raso of Matunuck Oyster Bar in Rhode Island. Hardy did a nice job in the Dirty & Rowdy episode.

That guy looks ‘Familiar’ :wink:

Not available on my system. :frowning: