Dirty & Rowdy Fall Release 8/11/17

Dirty & Rowdy sent out the “Save the Date” email a few days ago:
"Our 2017 Fall release begins on Friday, 8/11 and ends Friday 8/18. The release will consist of some of our most sought after, tiny production, vineyard designate Mourvèdre wines along with our inaugural release of Chenin Blanc. Quantities are small and allocations are not guaranteed. We encourage you to order early in the release period as these wines will sell out.

"Shipping of your Fall release wines will begin in mid-Oct.



Yes we did. Starting with our Fall 2017 Release, ALL of our wine pricing is now GROUND SHIPPING INCLUDED*. In order to make this work for everyone, we require a minimum 3 bottle order for 750ML bottles and a two bottle minimum when buying 1.5Ls.
*We are unable to offer ground shipping to AK and HI


As mentioned earlier in the year, the 2016 Mourvèdre wines in this release and beyond are sealed 100% with Nomacorc closures. We use the 25 year Nomacorc Reserva closures in our vineyard designate wines. This is to bring you more consistent wines while eliminating traditional cork related faults.

As pumped as we are with the changes in shipping and closures, the focus should be on the five exciting wines below. Next week’s email will include our complete release details and full tasting notes. In short, this release contains the widest spectrum of Mourvèdre wines we have ever released- They range from light red to purple-black, from crunchy to suave, and from having you howling at the moon to sitting quietly at the table staring at your hands… This is a very fun offer.


2016 Mendocino County Chenin Blanc
$34 per 750ML
68 cases produced

2015 Antle Vineyard Mourvèdre,
Chalone AVA, Monterey County
$47 per 750ML /$103 per 1.5L
154 cases produced

2016 Skinner White Oak Flats Mourvèdre,
El Dorado County
$44 per 750ML /$97 per 1.5L
77 cases produced

2016 Skinner Stoney Creek Mourvèdre,
El Dorado County
$44 per 750ML /$97 per 1.5L
78 cases produced

2016 Evangelho Old Vine Mourvèdre,
Contra Costa County
$44 per 750ML /$97 per 1.5L
75 cases produced

"Quantities are extremely small. Quality is extremely high, and these wines are remarkably approachable.

“We thank you for your support. Let’s get ready to drink some wine!

Kate, Hardy, Matt, Amy”

Order in for the chenin. Pumped to try it!

Unfortunately can’t pull the trigger on the other single vineyard sruff Just me…or has the price risen considerably over the last year or so??

In for both skinners and the evangelho!

Rich - I believe the new pricing structure includes shipping. I usually include shipping and tax for purposes of my records (on CT), so I’m pretty in tune with how much these costs affect pricing, but for those who just go by the wine price, I’m sure it seems like a big increase. (Of course I currently live in a state with high taxes that’s also across the country from Napa/Sonoma so my shipping charges are high too.)

2016 Evangelho.png

TheDirty & Rowdy “Evangelho Vineyard” Mourvedre is a great wine, at any price.

I have to pass on this offer, but I strongly recommend that the curious (who have a little jingle in their pockets) try it and the “Skinner White Oak Flats” (age the WOF)! :slight_smile:
2016 Skinner White Oak Flats.jpg

From the offering email:
Dirty and Rowdy Fall Offering 2017
8/11 - 8/18

Greetings! Please read the important notes and reminders before getting into the release letter:

Shipping Included:
Our prices are now inclusive of shipping with the purchase of three 750ML bottles or more, and when buying at least two 1.5Ls. THIS IS KIND OF HUGE! We encourage you to take advantage of the shipping included and load on up!

Shipping Dates:
Weather permitting, your wines will ship in October and you will be able to choose which ship date you’d prefer. You may contact us to make alternative shipping arrangements.

Shipping Locations:
Shipments of alcohol require an adult signature. Please choose a shipping address where one will be available…

Allocation Email Link:
Please do not forward this email. By doing so you will give the recipient direct access to your account via the embedded purchase link.

Due to the minuscule quantities of each wine, we are unable to allocate everyone on the list all of the wines. If you would like something that you have not been allocated, or a larger quantity, please use the wish list option in the drop down. We will process wish list orders at the end of the release.

Joyous Liquid Sunshine….
Our Fall release contains our first vineyard designate Mourvèdre wines from 2016. The 2016 harvest started with one challenging event and another beautiful one- an unexpected surgery in July for for Hardy, and the August birth of Kate and Hardy’s 1st child, Maple.

Due to early season physical limitations coupled with some new-born sleep deprivation, the 2016 vintage required heightened focus and efficiency. At the same time, it was overwhelmingly filled with so much love, transformation, and positive vibrations all around. This energy and emotion is evident in all of our 2016 wines.

In 2016, Mourvèdre flavors developed quickly and we found ourselves in a unique situation of having to wait for physical maturity to catch up to the flavors. Though our 2016 alcohol, acid, and tannin levels are similar to past few years, you will find the the ‘16s to be standout, sun-kissed representations of these sites. These wines will mature with time in the cellar, but with a good decant, they are delicious and exciting wines right now.

The range of Mourvèdre wines in this release is awesome. The two Skinner wines occupy more of the red, brighter, fresh fruit side of the spectrum, where the Evangelho and Antle lean more to savory, cured, and purple and black fruits.

The 2016 Chenin Blanc is a first bottling for us. Though we’ve made Chenin for several years to include in our Familiar Blanc, this year we pulled out the 3 best barrels for a stand alone bottling. The wine is fully aromatic, and is both textured, light, and lean.

The 2015 Antle is once again showing why this is a true jewel of our Mourvèdre vineyards. It always produces a wine of elegance, seriousness, and depth.

Your fall release purchases will ship in mid-October when temperatures begin to cool.

We are grateful for your support and we hope that you love this new release.

Kate, Amy, Matt, Hardy

Fall Release Wines:

2016 Mendocino County Chenin Blanc
$34 per 750ML
68 cases
11.5% ABV

Hitting the nose and the palate with the distant, screech of a flaming, golden, hawk "kee-eeeee-arr, kee-eeeee-arr!” The first sips, will have you saying “I’m cool. I’m cool”- but after a few more sips, the acidity of this Shamanistic elixir will have your synapses firing on overdrive. Your third eye will roll back until you become “master of the secrets that divide man from animal, animal from man… Manimal!” Electricity fires from from every nerve ending and as soon as you settle in, you will smile at your tablemates and say “Doood, we are totally ChenDawgin!” Whether you then roll out seafood towers, 3 pound lobsters, or whip-up simple some simple but mind-bendingly good BLTs, the brightness of this one requires food.

These 50+ year old, dry farmed, Chenin Blanc vines are up the dirt road from our Fred & Dora’s vineyard Petite Sirah.This wine has a waxy nose of dried pineapple, wet Pendelton wool shirts, rocks, and bright flavors of loose-skinned satsuma tangerine. Decant 45-60min and serve at cellar temp.

2016 Skinner White Oak Flats Mourvèdre, El Dorado County
$44 per 750ML (67 cases 750ML )
$97 per 1.5L (10 cases of 1.5L)
12.2% ABV

Skinner White Oak Flats is our most unique site and was the feature vineyard for our cover story in the February issue of Wine & Spirits.

Hypnotically floral, inviting- it almost smells snuggly… Served blind, by just the nose, you might think this could be Sonoma Pinot Noir, and then— Zoinks! The perfume rich, Mourvèdre air-force starts dropping triangular, micro-tannin bombs that wrap them selves around a core of pomegranate, candied strawberry, and nervy granite. Unique, seductive, drinkable and meditative-- this is the lightest Mourvèdre in our fall lineup, and the one I’d want on hand if I were lost at sea…

2016 Skinner Stoney Creek Mourvèdre, El Dorado County
$44 per 750ML (68 cases 750ML)
$97 per 1.5L (10 cases of 1.5L)
12.5% ABV

Like stepping into your first reggae festival, mysterious, heady, exotic, potpourri, interwoven layers of cinnamon stick, clove studded orange, and crunchy. Once settled in, your mind runs off to drum circles, backwoods chili cook offs, wiener dog races, snake churches-- all to the soundtrack of The Beatles Within You and Without You. Just when you think it should let up, you realize, that like universal love, this one doesn’t stop…

2016 Evangelho Old Vine Mourvèdre, Contra Costa County
$44 per 750ML (60 cases 750ML)
$97 per 1.5L (15 cases of 1.5L)
13.5% ABV

Breaking from wild notes- Evangelho is the hardest wine to describe in print. The historic 130+ year old vines create such depth, concentration, yet float almost above the palate… I’ve been trying to find words and the best thing I can think of is just listen to the following album
Kool and The Gang Live At The Sex Machine-- Funk, soul, explosive but still reverent-- it sounds like the star filled purple of night. It is dynamic, dry farmed and own rooted.

2015 Antle Vineyard Mourvèdre, Chalone AVA, Monterey County
$47 per 750ML (149 cases 750ML )
$103 per 1.5L (15 cases of 1.5L)
12.5% ABV

If we viewed the entirety of this release as a concert, the 2015 Antle Mourvèdre is the encore. The wine says we’ve come a long way together. We’ve explored a vinous world all delicious, mystical, joyful and mysterious, and we end with the night with sing out loud lyrics, soulful harmonies, lots of smiles, hugs, and perhaps a tear or two, as we hoped this night would last forever. Savory, deep, contemplative, with amazing length, the 2015 is a beautiful wine to soothe your soul.

Thank you for being here.

With love, thanks, and positive vibrations,
Kate, Amy, Matt, Hardy and our wonderful kids.

Thanks everyone for the orders or for the excitement for this release. We have been blown away with the response this AM from both existing and new customers.

Since 2013, our vineyard designate pricing has increased about $2 a year. We do this to cover increased costs and for putting more of those wines into the Familiar (which is all vineyard designate fruit). We wish our price increase covered both increased costs and what we are including in shipping. :frowning:

Our pricing on the Skinners went up $3, Evangelho $2, Antle remained the same, and our Familiar pricing has remained the same for four years.

For a small business we are taking a considerable risk that the shipping included model encourages people to load up on an an extra bottle (a Familiar Blanc is cheaper than shipping was to most states) and for newer members of our mailing list (and to mailing lists in general) to happily take their first plunge without feeling like 25% of the cost of a 3 pack order is going to shipping.

We thank everyone for support and look forward to getting these wines to as many people as possible. [cheers.gif]


Free shipping is a really nice change and pushed me over the line… I hope it works out.

Ordered more than I should have based on my Svalbard expenses, but damn I love these wines.

Order in! Funk level: STOKED.

Gotcha, appreciate the feedback Hardy.

Seriously excited to get my hands on the Chenin!

First time with their wines for me, so I’m definitely in to try a 3 pack, Skinner, Evanghelo, Antle, looking forward to giving them a try!

I’m trying to cut back on buying, but the call of the Chenin was too strong to resist

Order in. Great wines.

due to an unexpected halt in wine spending (booo!), i thought I was going to have to sit this one out, but my mom wanted to place an order (hooray!! slowly trying to pull her away from the meiomi!), and a friend was eager to dive into the positive vibration case! so much fun to spread the D&R love!

Thanks to everyone for the support on this release. It is great to have return customers and we welcome all the new ones.

We are getting close to sold out a few wines- If you want Chenin, move quickly.

If anyone is interested in checking out drone footage of Antle Vineyard, it is in the video below. (Note: Pinnacles National Park, is what you see in the background).


Positive Vibrations baby! If you can get some of the Evangelho Vineyard I highly suggest it based on past vintages.

New baby and new winery expenses mean Im also supposed to be on a spending freeze. Had to get in for a half case to snag some chenin and a couple of my fave mourvedres though. I know I’ll be kicking myself trying to backfill on the secondary market eventually like I was with the last Especial release!

My first try of Dirty & Rowdy, got a mixed 6-pack of all the offerings. Can’t wait :slight_smile:

Chenin!! Very exciting!