Dirty & Rowdy 2013 Traditional Method Sparkling Pinot Blanc

Opened this last night at my belated birthday sushi feast with friends and what a good choice it was! This is my second D&R sparkler since I had the Pet Nat last NYE and it was wonderful. This was even better … and just kept getting better as we sipped. I’m not a tasting notes person but this was a wine that went from “This is so nice” to “wow, that is sooooo good!” Just a touch of sweet but not sugary, light on the bubbles, crazy drinkable but also really worth drinking.

I had only ordered one of each … major regret!

More please!

Thank you! The '13 is in a very good spot right now and is getting pretty complex. I may have to pop one on Thurs.

Thanks for the note Siun. I have my lone bottle ready to go.

Thanks for the TN, Suin!!

You don’t see many of the Dirty & Rowdy sparkling wines being tasted here. I wonder if the “Traditional” will make old bones?

Sounds great, Suin.
I really like this one. Blew through a couple when they arrived and just restocked via a retailer. Looking forward to checking back in.

There is zero reason to try to do mid to long term cellaring. Zero.

If I had more, I would not have the self-control to hold onto them for long term as it was just so good.

Has anyone tried the 2014 Traditional Method White Wine - comparison notes would be great.

I can’t see them needing anymore time than 1-2 years post disgorgement.

We’ve got a about 7-8 cases of both '13 and '14 in library. We intend to (joyfully) reduce that by about 50% this season. champagne.gif