Direct sales ?

We’re about to release updated web site on platform.
Lightheart Cellars is a very small winery, just opened in June and have about 100cs left till next release, we’re hoping to have 400cs as of June and then look out world…

We will be supporting direct shipment inside CA for the moment, still debating strategy for outside.

Wine Direct seems to be leading candidate based on their integration with Vin65 and three tier capabilities to start up interstate capabilities without overhead and hassle of all the licenses and reporting for small quantities.

Any suggestions on better paths?

Would love to give this a quick bump…interested in feedback on this one as well.

Talk to Dave over at Groskopf in Sonoma. I helped them develop a direct to consumer fulfillment offering last year, to go with their logistics and distribution business. They are doing a great job and are great to work with. Was with WineDirect (the old Inertia Beverage Group) prior to that, and moved all our business over there to Groskopt.

You might also check out Amedeo. Many wineries are using them. They’re located here in Napa.