Dinner with Landreth last weeked

Excess at its best!

60 Day Flannery Strip

Veal Chop

I see two Flannery’s steaks. Did Tex feed Krsti and the kids Spam again???

Actually there was a discussion about Span that evening…

The Flannery as a test item…just one for that night…we couldn’t do a no Flannery dinner…wouldn’t have been right.

How was the 99 Angerville? Baby?

I had the 99 Champans about a year ago and it was in the “promising but very tight and shouldn’t be opened” category. A 99 Ducs about 2 years ago was very good but still a baby obviously. Would be curious about your 99 Taillepieds as well.

Yes, baby…but still drinkable and enjoyable…it was popped and poured at the end of the night. Angerville tends to be more fruity rather than structured (like a Lafarge or Lafon might be). I wouldn’t hesitate to open another one…but I wouldn’t mind keeping some to the side either.

Hey guys…great pics!!! How was the Futo OV? I’ve had the wine twice and have to say to me it’s a very good wine. [cheers.gif]


Had it a while back and it was a disjointed alcoholic mess…this time it was quite nice, it seems that things have calmed down and come back together…I was upset to own some after my first bottle…but not after now.

Perhaps Landreth will join in since he enjoys Cali more than I.

No heat, burnt sugar or vanilla oak shake elements that seemed to have plagued the OV on initial release. The wine has come together and I would be happy to have some in my stash or to drink more with Bowden. I opened the bottle at 2PM, threw in decanter at 5PM and we started in on it around 8PM. I think that is really needs the six hours of being open to strut its stuff. Still have a decade of life in it IMHO.