Dinner with Family. My wine options are...

We 're having a birthday dinner at Sutton Inn tomorrow.

5 adults.

My son and I prefer reds. My wife prefers white, or a lighter weight red ie pinot noir. My daughter and D-I-L won’t care what I bring. The restaurant has a limited menu. My wife will order fish. My son and I will order red meat. I’m not sure about my daughter and D-I-L, but they don’t really care one way or the other.

I know a pinot noir pairs nicely with fish and meat. A red is more suited to beef.

My quandry is to bring something to make my wife happy, or to bring a red that will go well with at least 2 of the 5 entrees.
The other decision is what red to bring. I can go low price to high, or bring something good (according to Cellartracker). Decisions decisions. [whistle.gif]

After spending a few minutes taking a look at what I own, and after thinking happy wife happy life I’m going to bring a 2009 Domaine Saint Préfert Châteauneuf-du-Pape Réserve Auguste Favier. This way, everyone is happy.

By the way, I still have time to change my mind if you’re so inclined to post your thoughts.



Given there are 5 people my initial thoughts are … bring 2 bottles, a red and a white.

Good burg is killer with steak.

I would bring 3 bottles, a bold red, a pinot noir, and a white.

Beat me to it.


I thought of that of course; [whistle.gif] but this isn’t a Berserker crowd. My son and I will each have a glass +. The others will dabble. [wink.gif]

My son and daughter. It’s a joint birthday dinner. They trust whatever I’ll bring. Go figure.
My son is the only one (plus me) that will care.

I’d like to bring a Maybach, schrader, MacDonald, or even an EMH, but why waste a full bottle of good juice for just the 2 of us. neener

Why not bring the wine you want and order your wife a glass of white. It sounds like a solution to keep everyone happy.

Would bring the Maybach. The two of you can each have two glasses and that juice is well received by everyone

[winner.gif] [winner.gif] Dan, you have your marching orders. Go forth and enjoy!

Crowd sourcing ideas seem to work. Diane, I’ll follow your advice. Now about that '09 Maybach.

This is a white or a lighter weight red?

The most special wine drinking moments in my life were drinking wonderful wines with my father. He has been dead for a long time now and I wish so much we could still be drinking great wines together. It is your son’s birthday. Use the opportunity to create memories that will last forever.

Turns out I didn’t waste the '09 Maybach on 2 people. My wife and daughter enjoyed the wine with their fish. Shhh. Don’t tell them a cab doesn’t go with fish. [wink.gif] My son and I both had filet mignon; and let me tell you, the wine was singing side by side with the red meat.

Dinner at Sutton Inn on East 54th street between 1st and 2nd ave in NY.