Dinner with '07 Cristal and '96 Williams Selyem Coastlands Pinot Noir

My sweetie and I enjoyed another superb dinner at our favorite local restaurant, The Stonehouse, located on the lux property of the San Ysidro Ranch.

As per our norm, we took our own stemware, a champagne and a Pinot Noir made by our dear friend, Burt Williams. Both were superlative:

2007 LOUIS ROEDERER CRISTAL- this had more Chardonnay than usual being 58% of the total along with 42% Pinot Noir; it spent five years aging sur latte and was finished with a dosage of 9.5 gpl; it had been a while since last visiting this vintage and in order to track it and see where it is for future opening, I pulled it for this occasion; it was, as stated above, superlative; the nose offered honeyed citrus notes that translated into honeyed lemon, lime and apple on the palate; early on, the apple was more of green apple and then at the back end, it turned into yellow, golden delicious apple; the mouthfeel was fabulous likened to lemon oil and the finish just kept on lingering while coating the palate with all of the goodness in this rich and nicely balanced bubbly that has already reached a place of class and royalty fit for a Czar.

1996 WILLIAMS SELYEM COASTLANDS VINEYARD SONOMA COAST PINOT NOIR- I was desiring a Burt made WS Pinot with my preferred raspberry fruit profile and pulled this to satisfy that preference and it delivered beautifully; it was double decanted 1 hour; the fill was high neck and the color was dark red with no signs of aging; the nose was replete with red raspberry and once tasted, it was joined by black raspberry and a hint of red cherry accented perfectly with a touch of spice; this cool climate Pinot was full bodied with a soft and smooth texture and finished with a long, satisfying burst of raspberry fruit that sealed the deal.

We continuously feel very blessed to have such an amazing venue to go to. It makes every occasion extra special and this is a place where most of us locals go to celebrate special occasions. Fortunately, we have some wines that embellish the experience along with a wide variety of outstanding food choices served by an attentive, cordial and conscientious wait staff in the remarkable ambiance of the covered outside dining room patio.




You keep drinking that well, with company that swell, in surroundings that pretty… Well, I’m going to be older than you before you know it, Blake.

I love that you share these glimpses with us.


Great post my friend. That photo is :+1:t2:

Thanks Nick. As always, it’s much appreciated.

And thank you Steve. I know you would have loved the Cristal; it was truly amazing.