Dinner offline with Roy Hersh - Dec 6th - Long Beach, Ca.

Roy Hersh is coming to Los Angeles so that means we need a gathering of Port lovers. We will keep it to about 10-11 people. This will be a casual dinner, share some wines and Ports and enjoy each others company. This will not be a structured tasting, just a typical offline. The restaurant has amazing food and are known for their dry aged steaks, so come hungry and thirsty.

Dinner on Tuesday December 6th.

Any Port (Vintage or Colheita) older than 1980. If you would also like to bring a table wine that is ok as well as it would be nice to have some to start the evening off with.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

555 East American Steakhouse
555 E. Ocean Blvd.
Long Beach, Ca 90802

5-6pm arrival
Dinner will start promptly at 6pm

We have a $90 per person “food and beverage” min., which isn’t hard to do once everyone gets an appetizer, meal, dessert and whatever else you want. Each person is responsible for their own bill.

There is no charge for the first 12 bottles we bring, it’s $10 per 750ml thereafter. Whatever we go over, we can all chip in and split it.

The restaurant valet is actually on Linden Ave., about 1/4 block north of Ocean Blvd. The front entrance of the restaurant is also on Linden Ave. You really can’t see it very well from Ocean Blvd, even though it has an Ocean Blvd address. Valet is $8 if you aren’t using Uber/Cab/Walking.

There are a number of nearby hotels, so take your pick if you need one.

Please RSVP as soon as possible.

1- Andy Velebil
2- Roy Hersh
3- Eric Ifune
4- Eric Menchen
5- Carolyn Stoops
6- Glenn Elliott
7- Steve Pollack
8- Ayesha Trump
9- Alex Rodriguez
10- Bruce Weimer

1955 Cockburn’s VP
1963 Taylor’s VP
1963 Fonseca VP
1963 Ferreira VP
1968 Krohn’s Colheita
1970 Graham’s VP
1970 Delaforce VP
1973 Casa de Santa Eufemia White Colheita
1977 Warre’s VP

Updated today. Still a couple spots left.

I’m out of town.

Sorry to miss this one.


No worries, there will be another one. But you’re missing some great Ports. So far, some things coming.

1955 Cockburn’s VP
1968 Krohn’s Colheita
1970 Graham’s VP
1970 Delaforce VP
1977 Warre’s VP
1973 Casa de Santa Eufemia White Colheita

Damnit I can’t make this and I’m not TOO far (Solana Beach)…

Reschedule whatever you’ve got and train/Uber on up. We’ll make room.

We do have room for one more (11th person) if someone wants to come. Just let me know.

Updated with the lists of Ports coming so far. Last call, if anyone wants to join let me know.