Dinner #7 Los Gatos/Santa Cruz CA group all welcome

This is just to create a new thread to start the discussion for a May or June dinner

All welcome


I’m interested and probably Howard as well if local to LG.

I’m in if timing allows, on either side of the hill (not around during the second half of June, and on a bunch of individual days before that).


I’m cutting out all winecentric events in my life for the rest of 2024, now that I know I’m ADHD I see how much of my wine drinking has to do with unconsciously seeking dopamine when I thought it was just about good things with grear people. I need to find dopamine elsewhere but with kids across the country and being retired, Ill be starting from scratch. I’ll leave this thread up for someone else to take over.


Real sorry to hear this George but glad you are making the tough decisions necessary to get you where you want to go. I guess we will have to look for other get togethers that will work for you. Is music still OK?

Anything is OK that’s not intensely focused on wine. Wine being there is fine complex older wine gets me really excited. Mediocre wine, or any other alcohol, does not. I’m low dopamine ADHD and when something is excited my dopamine rises to normal levels and it feels really good and whatever made it rise – conversation, helping others, tasting and talking about interesting wine— my brain wants more. It’s awful having low dopamine, exhausting, and now that I’m recently diagnosed I can’t mask it any more, I see it happening.

Best of luck, George, and thanks for the update. We can soon plan a dinner with bad wines, or no wines, for that manner.

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Very sorry to hear George. I’m glad though that you’re making adjustments. All the best with this challenge, and please let us know if there is anything we can do for you.

Hi all, while it certainly won’t be the same without George during his hiatus, we should carry the series forward in the same spirit.

Ian and I are looking into Santa Cruz locations, but we can certainly set up another Los Gatos/South Bay/Peninsula event as well. Share your ideas!

I certainly support this! Although if it was in SC, I probably wouldn’t be able to do it unless it was Friday or Saturday.

I’d prefer those days as well, but that’s a really hard sell for any restaurateur. Would have to be a private venue in that case.

Home generously gave us a room on a late Sunday afternoon, would that time work?

Makes total sense - Sunday would actually be fine, count me in.

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Agreed!! Keep me in the loop on dates, Uli. Looking forward to it.

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Hi Folks I am back from winter in Utah and would love to join up at the next dinner.


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Hi all, apologies for the radio silence, Ian and I needed a moment to scout locations and whittle them down. We’re planning the next Santa Cruz dinner at Seabright Social, Tuesday, June 4, 6:30pm. Hope you all can make it. I know it’s not ideal for Peninsula or South Bay folks. Let’s get another one on the calendar up north as well.

All the usual things: Theme is no theme, bring stems and cash to keep our hosts happy. We agreed on an affordable flat fee for corkage (similar to Mo’s), so we don’t have to worry about that part. Hope to see you soon!

Thanks for getting this going. Looking forward to it!