Didn’t know this was possible

Where have you been hiding?


Also works as a deodorant or breath freshener.


:joy: sublingual duck fat lol

Silly, IMO. What other ingredients are in there?

None which is why I found it so surprising…
How does duck fat have no calories or fat?
Or is the first 1/4 a second of spray just air :laughing:

Same thing with Pam. Less than 0.5g fat can be rounded down to zero. Naturally, the entire can is fat. And no one would ever use 1/4s spray for anything legitimate.

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I wonder how they keep it liquid. My duck fat isn’t

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I get that but even a 1/4 sec spray of fat should have more than 0.5 calories. How could that not be at least 1 digit?

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Grams not calories. And then 0g = 0 calories. Thank your gov’t for the rules.


Not sure what to try it on? Maybe a sauté vegetable?

Because it’s under pressure?

I guess I see that if there is zero fat due to rounding there can be no calories because it’s 100% fat.
That’s crazy logic because it would mean they aren’t checking calories separately? There must be more than 0.5 calories in that spray if they actually measured that?
Looks like a gram of fat has ~9 calories. So they must make the serving size to equal less than .1 gram of fat to keep the calorie count at zero (rounding down).

Edit: I see that 1/4s is .25gm so there should be ~ 2 cal.

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They don’t measure it that way. It’s based in a 2,000 calorie diet. 1% would be 20 calories. .25g must have fewer that 10 calories.

2.17 Calories per 1/4 gram.

Exactly! I do like your serving size better than mine, although I’m Feeling even yours is going to fall short when trying to fry some potatoes

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Great product for potatoes and probably fried eggs (and endless others). The FAQ answers a lot of ?'s. Storing it in the fridge will probably make it not work until it’s taken out and brought back up to room temp.

I feel like this stuff has been around for a while at least in our neck of the woods.

I have a can of it somewhere have used it on french fries and potatoes and not much else. It was gifted to me.

I think this has been around for a while–I am pretty sure I saw this at least a couple of years ago. A bit pointless to me, as I love duck and goose fat and if I use it, generally use it quite liberally. :yum:


How about this one? Uses?